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Incoming Student Checklist

Now that you have been admitted to the University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program, all new students are required to complete the items below:

 1 - Activate your UCDAccess Student Portal (Admitted Portal)

The UCDAccess student portal is your one-stop shop to complete many of your student transactions. Through the portal, you can access your student center account, pay tuition and student fees, and much more! You should have received an email from the admissions team with your Student ID number (SID). How to Access CU Denver Access

To access your UCD Access Student Portal you must first activate your UC Denver account.

  1. Visit MyAccount and complete steps 1‐5 *For step 1 you will need your Student Identification number (SID), If you do not know your SID, you will receive an email from the admissions team with your Student ID Number (SID)
  2. Ensure you remember your password
  3. Upon completion of step 5 you will receive a “Step 6” screen that will provide your email address and your UC Denver user name.
  4. Both your email address and user name will be used in conjunction with your password to gain access to UCD Access

 2 - Complete Residency Certification

  • The Residency Form must be completed in order for the Registrar’s Office to determine your residency status. The deadline for submission is November 15, 2014.  Please return the form to the PT Program.
  • Please include your Social Security Number (SSN) on the form. The PT Program must manually input your SSN into our system before any campus office (including Financial Aid) can access your account.
  • Non-residents must fill out the first page and sign the back page.
  • Colorado residents must fill out the entire form.
  • If you will be less than 23 years old (and not married or emancipated) as of May 1, 2015, a parent or guardian must fill out the first 9 questions. Those answers must be about them, not about you. You must answer questions 10-13. Both of you must sign the last page of the form.

 3 - Sign in to your UC Denver Email and Check it Regularly

The University assigns all enrolled students with a email account. Faculty and staff will use your University email to communicate with you. Your university email is provided to you when you activate your UCDAccess student portal.

How to access your University email 3

 4 - Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid


 5 - Accept or Decline your Financial Aid Award via UCDAccess Student Portal

  • After accepting your loans, follow the instructions to complete the Master Promissory Notes and Entrance Counseling.
  • Aid will disburse directly to your student account to pay tuition and fees first. Excess funds will be issued to student in a refund. (See Bursar's Office about setting up direct deposit to your bank account).
  • For further assistance, contact Financial Aid at 303-556-2886.

 6 - Emergency Contact Persons

We need to have contact information for your next of kin as well as a local contact if you have one.


 7 - Immunization Policy for Physical Therapy Students

  • The Hepatitis B vaccine procedure includes a series of three injections performed on a stringent timetable. The second vaccine is given one month after the first and the third vaccine is given 5 months after the second. A titer for antibodies must be drawn 1 month after the third injection.  If you have had this series as a child, you will need to have a titer for antibodies (not antigens) done now.  If you have not ever been vaccinated for Hepatitis B, you need to begin the series as soon as possible so that you will be finished before your first clinical experience.
  • The TB Test is a 2-step process. The 2-step series is required by the School of Medicine regardless of what outside health care personnel may tell you. It is explained on the second page of the immunization form. If you have documentation of one TB Test within the last 12 months, you will only need one additional test instead of two. You must renew the TB test annually throughout the time of your enrollment in the Program.
  • All immunizations or titers that demonstrate immunity are REQUIRED.   Finding all this information is very time consuming, so you need to get started right away.
  • All students MUST be vaccinated annually for flu. Documentation must be on file with the PT Program by November 1 each year.
  • The Immunization Certification Form - Must be completed by 12/15//2014