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Clinical Core and Advanced Studies Curriculum

The Clinical Core Curriculum fully immerses students in the culture of medicine and direct patient care.  Phase III is comprised of six interdepartmental Clerkship Blocks providing intensive clinical experiences in hospital, ambulatory clinic, emergency and operating rooms, community, rural, and urban environments.  Clinical skills and reasoning, basic science material and Thread concepts are reinforced and applied.  Phase IV is Advanced Studies, which includes a sub-internship, residency preparation, coursework and a scholarly project integrating advanced basic science and clinical skills.

Phase III (student selects order of clerkships)

      • Care of the Hospitalize Adult
      • Operative and Perioperative Care
      • Infant, Child & Adolescent Health Musculoskeletal Care
      • Neurologic Care Mental Health
      • Rural & Community Care Ambulatory Primary Care of the Adult
      • Urgent Care & Emergency Medicine Women & Newborn


Phase IV (elective coursework)

Advanced Studies is an individually designed curriculum that includes a variety of advanced clinical rotations and elective courses.  This final phase prepares students to enter residency programs and encourages synthesis of advanced basic science applications and clinical practice.  In addition, the students present the culmination of their four-year scholarly efforts in the Capstone Celebration.  The Capstone Celebration is a campus-wide forum where students present their scholarly projects and students and faculty can recognize their achievements.