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Curriculum Overview

MSTP students complete both required Medical and Graduate School Curricula, USMLE, Preliminary Graduate Exam and lab rotations during their first two years (Phases I and II).


 Diagram of ​curriculum and MSTP specific courses (click to enlarge image)

The curriculum:

  • Is divided into five phases: the Essentials Core (Phases I and II), the PhD Research, the Clinical Core (Phase III), and Advanced Studies (Phase IV).
  • Integrates basic science and clinical material throughout all phases.
  • Encourages independent, self-directed learning.
  • Promotes advanced clinical examination and clinical reasoning skills.

MSTP Specific Courses:

  • Foundations of Doctoring for MSTP Students in Thesis Years (IDPT 7655) allows students to work with a preceptor 1 day a month during the duration of their PhD.  This course is a special Foundations Course specific for MSTP students.
  • Molecules to Medicine for MSTP students (IDPT 7805) is a modified version of the small group, case discussion section of "Molecules to Medicine" for MD students. 

Educational Services:
Center for Advanced Professional Excellence.  CAPE is a full-service assessment and education center specializing in the use of standardized patients, teaching associates and simulators.