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Admissions Requirements

The MSTP Admissions Committee is looking for individuals with a demonstrated commitment to medical research and service to community.  The committee looks at applicants as whole individuals, equally assessing academic achievement with past experience.  Letters of recommendation, substantive bench research experience, test scores, and life experiences are all considered.

As a federally funded program, the UC Denver MSTP is National in scope.  It is open to US citizens and Permanent Residents of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  MSTP actively recruits women and underrepresented students.  We are committed to the enrollment of a diverse body of talented students.

Applicants must have completed requirements for a bachelor's degree at an accredited academic institution prior to matriculation and have excellent academic credentials.  In addition, all applicants must meet the following admissions requirements of the University of Colorado School of Medicine:

The following course work is required for admission:

  • 8 semester hours - human biology (with lab),
  • 8 semester hours - general chemistry (with lab),
  • 8 semester hours - organic chemistry (with lab), and
  • 8 semester hours - general physics (with lab), 
  • 6 semester hours - English literature/composition
  • 6 semester hours - College level mathematics (algebra and above).

Students are encouraged to consider additional coursework in biochemistry, computer sciences, genetics, humanities, and social sciences.​ 

Students do not have to complete all requirements at the time of application, but must do so by matriculation. Students should pay special attention to the 6 hour English requirement and the 6 hour college level Mathematics requirement, as these requirements are often the ones that are most problematic to fulfill. 

AP and CLEP courses, as well as on-line courses, are viewed with a degree of comparability to college courses, as long as the US accredited degree granting institution includes these credits on their transcript as fulfilling certain institutional requirements. Students who have AP or CLEP credit in the basic sciences are encouraged to take upper level courses in these areas. Courses taken abroad are treated comparably to traditional courses, as long as these credits are included on the transcript of a U.S. accredited degree-granting institution.​

We follow the requirements​ set by the SOM MD program. Questions about these requirements should be directed to

 Application process

*The application cycle for the fall 2019 entering class has ended. 

Application Information for entering class of 2020

*MSTP deadlines differ from SOM MD deadlines.

Initial application to the MST Program at the University of Colorado involves the completion of the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) On-Line Application and the submission of the SOM secondary application and payment of fee.

The deadline for submission of a complete MSTP application via AMCAS is December 15, 2019.  A complete application includes the following:
          • AMCAS Application (must be submitted by October 15, 2019)
          • School of Medicine Secondary Application and fee (must be received by December 15, 2019.)
          • CASPer Exam Results (received by December 1, 2019)
          • All Letters of Recommendation
AMCAS Instructions
Applicants must instruct AMCAS to forward their AMCAS application to the University of Colorado Denver. Applicants must select the MD/PhD Program Type on their application. This application will permit applicants to submit essays describing their interest in the combined MD/PhD program.
    • The deadline for AMCAS application submission is October 15, 2019 for admission to the entering class of 2020.
Recommendation Letters
The MSTP accepts three to five letters of recommendation (or a committee composite letter) submitted through AMCAS.
            • Example letter writers include: previous or current research mentors, instructors, physicians or employers. 
            • References should come from individuals who know the applicant well enough to comment on their educational background. 
            • The MST Program has access to letters sent by electronic submission to the CU School of Medicine.
Secondary Applications
Instructions for submitting the SOM/MSTP Secondary Application and the Secondary Application fee will be forwarded by email from the CU School of Medicine Admissions Office once the AMCAS application has been verified. 
If applicants​ are invited for an interview, instructions for submitting the Graduate School online application will be forwarded by email from the CU MSTP office prior to the applicant's visit to CU. 

Supplemental Documentation
Transcripts are not required at the time of application submission. 
All accepted students must submit original official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions they have attended.  The transcripts should be received by June 1 and sent directly from the Institution to the MSTP. 
All applicants may contact the MSTP office at (303) 724-4600 or if they have questions during the application process or would like to check the status of their application. After the Admissions Committee reviews completed applications, applicants are placed in one of the following categories:
Invited to Interview
Students invited for an interview will receive a letter (via email) offering the choice of several interview dates. CU MSTP interviews are TWO-DAY interviews (Thursdays and Fridays).
  • ​Interviewees will be asked to select the most convenient dates for their interviews with the MSTP.
  • ​​Complete information on the interview process will be discussed in the invitation email.
  • The MST Program will cover up to three nights hotel accommodations (room charges only) and miscellaneous travel expenses such as airport parking, and shuttle service to and from Denver International Airport. Food will be provided during your stay.
Application Alternate/Waitlist
Applicants placed on the alternate/waitlist will be reviewed at a later date for reconsideration of an interview. Applicants on the alternate/waitlist will receive emails updating them on their status.
Application Declined
Applicants who do not receive an interview will receive a letter from the Program Director via email.
Students that do not receive an interview with MSTP but would like to be considered for MD only MUST notify the SOM Admissions Office at (303) 724-8025 or
Interviews are conducted on the Anschutz Medical Campus and will take place over two days.

2019-2020 MSTP Interview Dates
  • December 5-6, 2019
  • December 12-13, 2019** 
  • January 9-10, 2020
  • January 23-24, 2020
  • January 30-31, 2020**
  • February 13-14, 2020
**Includes Friday afternoon interviews on the CU Boulder campus for any applicant interested in Boulder MSTP Programs
​Thursday - *subject to change

8:30 am       Pick-up from hotel lobby
8:45 am       Orientation with Program Director
10:00 am     SOM Group Activity
10:40 am     MSTP Group Interviews
11:20 am      Campus Tour
12:00 pm      Lunch with MSTP students
1:00 pm        Interviewee Chalk Talks
2:30-4:00pm  Interviews with MSTP Faculty Interviews
6:30 pm        Dinner in Denver with MSTP students

​Friday - *subject to change

8:30 am           Pick-up from hotel lobby 
9:00 am-12pm  MSTP Faculty Interviews
12:00 pm          Lunch with MSTP students
1:00-2:45pm     MSTP/MD faculty interviews
3:00 pm            Shuttle back to hotel​
6:00 pm            Dinner at home of a current MSTP student
Additional information will be sent once an interview has been scheduled.