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How to Apply

Application Materials required to apply to the CHA/PA Program

The 2018-19 admission cycle is closed. 

The 2019-20 admission cycle will open late spring 2019. The deadline for the CASPA and supplemental applications is September 1.  The CASPA application needs to be complete (not verified) by September 1 to meet the deadline.  GRE scores must be received by September 1st for all applicants.  CHA/PA has rolling admissions.

The CHA/PA Program is a participant in the Centralized Application for Physician Assistants (CASPA). The CASPA website is   To apply to our program, an applicant must complete the CASPA application and CHA/PA program Supplemental Application.

Please be sure to make the following emails safe to receive in your email account:,, and  You should also check your Spam or Junk mail folders periodically to be sure that emails from CHA/PA and CASPA are received.



Required Materials for a complete CHA/PA Program Application

  1. Verified CASPA application including three letters of recommendation.  The CASPA application for the 2019-20 cycle will be available in April 2019.
  2. CHA/PA Program supplemental application and a nonrefundable supplemental application fee.  We are no longer accepting supplemental applications for the 2018-19 cycle.  The supplemental application for the 2019-20 admission cycle will be available mid-May 2019.
  3. The General GRE exam is required for all applicants.  The GRE must be taken within the last 5 years.  All GRE scores must be received by September 1st.  If you have a graduate level degree, you may submit scores older than 5 years.  Submit GRE scores to the Univ of Colorado Phys Asst CASPA code 3722.  Only scores sent to this GRE code will be accepted.



Transcripts for all completed coursework are submitted to CASPA for verification. Generally, we only need official transcripts if you are offered acceptance to the program. One exception is if you completed a course after you submitted your CASPA application that is required before applying (a biology or chemistry course). The other exception is if you have transcripts from professional coursework such as a doctorate, PhD, MD, DDS, etc. Please see the CASPA FAQ section for additional information on professional courses. All other transcripts will not be considered as part of your application. See the Prerequisite Webpage for details on what courses are required before applying and before matriculation.

Professional school transcripts not verified by CASPA must be received by the CHA/PA Program.

Once your complete application packet is received in our office, you will be notified by via e-mail. Please set SPAM filters to accept e-mail from and


Foreign Transcripts

CHA/PA only needs a WES evaluation for accepted students. If an accepted student studied abroad for a semester or longer and the study abroad program was not affiliated with a US school or program of study that provides credits and grades according to the US system, he/she must submit official foreign transcript reports from World Education Services ( The service may take several weeks to process your foreign transcript. If an applicant studied abroad by a sponsoring US sending school and the credits and grades for that study appear on the US sending school transcript, and are included in the number of total credits and the cum GPA, a WES evaluation is not required.  For more information about Foreign Coursework visit our prerequisite page.