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Preceptor Resources

Welcome to the CHA/PA Preceptor Page

We want to thank all of our preceptors for their hard work and dedication!  Read on for information on the advantages of precepting for CHA/PA, links to evaluations, and preceptor resources.  Feel free to contact us with any curricular or general feedback as we value your opinion! 

Typhon Logging and EASI EvaluationsPreceptor Assessment of Students​
The CHA/PA program utilizes an improved assessment method for clinical rotations. The O.R.I.M.E method allows preceptors to assess student performance in a developmental approach. The assessment allows students to identify areas of improvement and strengths, guide their future educational goals, and provide a measure of their progress over three clinical years.
Please note that at the bottom of the completed O.R.I.M.E evaluation form, a percentage with be displayed. Please disregard that percentage; it does not reflect the student's clinical grade. In Typhon (the platform used to house the evaluation) the O.R.I.M.E evaluations are based upon a 5-point Likert scale and automatically assigned a percentage. As an example, if the student receives all "Rs" on their evaluation, which would be expected for a 1st year and some 2nd year students, then the percentage may indicate 40%. This does not accurately reflect what the Course Director is reviewing which is the student's progression across their three years of clinical rotations. Please disregard the displayed percentage.
PDF Assessments - Print the appropriate CHA/PA student assessment form below. When complete, please fax to the CHA/PA office at 303-724-1350, attn: Clinical Team or email your scanned assessment to                          
                                                        1st Year Student ORIME
                                                        2nd Year Student ORIME
                                                        3rd Year Student ORIME
                                                        IPE Provider Assessment
                                                        Preceptor Assessment of Student Competence
Electronic Assessments: Log into Typhon to evaluate any CHA/PA Students.

 Why Precept?
Precepting is an integral piece in CHA/PA's education of PA students.  Physicians (MD/DO), PAs, CNMs and Nurse Practitioners can precept.  Clinical mentoring offers you the opportunity for professional and personal development while mentoring PA students at various stages of their clinical education.  Modeling provided by preceptors, in all types of clinical settings, provides students with a tremendous learning experience.
You may elect to mentor our first year students who have basic clinical skills, our second year students who have advanced clinical skills, and/or our third year students who can become an integral member of your provider team. 

One of the best ways to identify a future PA colleague for your practice is to provide clinical preceptorships in your office!

Interested in Precepting?
Contact Joyce Nieman or Janice Baker to learn more about precepting opportunities., 303-724-7288 or, 303-724-1336.
Continuing Medical Education (CME)
See our CME webpage for a list of current educational opportunities!

Meet our Clinical Team

Joyce Nieman

After graduating from the CU program in 2002, I worked in adult endocrinology, gastroenterology and internal medicine in Denver.  I joined the CHA/PA faculty in 2005 where I served as 1st & 2nd year Clinical Coordinator for five years.   Beginning in 2012, I was appointed as the Clinical Site Educator for the CHA/PA program.  I truly enjoy visiting with preceptors and clinical sites and sharing the teaching experience.

Janice Baker

I serve as the Clinical Coordinator scheduling, confirming, and corresponding with clinical sites and preceptors regarding clinical experiences for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year CHA/PA students. I received my Master of Human Relations degree from The University of Oklahoma. I enjoy working with people and helping individuals communicate and work together to achieve desired results.

Nikita Reid

As the Clinical Services Coordinator, I provide administrative support to the faculty, students, and preceptors.  I work closely with preceptors to ensure all necessary affiliation agreements are in place and with students to obtain all required certifications. I also manage the rotation evaluation process.  It is my goal to ensure our students receive the highest quality training experience while working in the community.

Tanya Fernandez

I am the Course Director for all of the clinical experiences in 1st and 2nd year, as well as the clinical rotations in the 3rd Year.  In my role, I am responsible for assessing and grading student performance in a clinical experience or rotation.  I am also the point of contact for preceptors with concerns and kudos about student performance in the clinical setting.  I joined the CHA/PA faculty in 2016 after working in underserved medicine for 11 years and serving as a preceptor to CHA/PA students and CU medical school students for 8 years.  I enjoy working with the students on their clinical skills and firmly believe that early clinical exposure reaps huge benefits for our students.

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Preceptor Resources
The documents below provide additional information on education and training for preceptors.

Also, CHA/PA students have access to a clinical rotation database that provides guidance and instructions for specific rotations.  If you would like to update the information for your practice, please access the Clinical Site Information form.

CHA/PA Resources
Outside Resources


Incorporating Students into Patient Care Workflow

Introducing and Orienting a PA Student

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