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Research Track Sylllabus & Expectations

Research Track Overall
Phase I
  • An individualized Research Plan which will be created and monitored by the student in collaboration with a primary research mentor.
  • Students are expected to spend a minimum of ½ day per week (generally Wednesday afternoons) through the remainder of Phase I and for August through January of Phase II.

Summer Between Phase I and during Phase II

  • Students will spend eight weeks in a full time summer research experience between Phases I and II. You will receive a stipend of $4000 ($2000 on July 1 and $2000 on July 31).
  • Students will attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Research Track Program. These meetings will be held from 1:15-2:45 pm. Topics will include presentations by other students in the program and discussion of Research issues in Ethics.
              • Students will present to peers in the program: In oral presentation format (10-15 minutes) at the Research Track meetings.
  • Students will present at the annual Health Science Center Research Day - December of phase II.
  •  Students will present to a national group of peers: In oral format (5 minutes) at the annual Western Medical Student Research Forum, held in Carmel, California—January of Phase II (students will receive a stipend to help support travel and registration to the meeting)
  • To a local group of faculty: format will vary depending on student's mentor's departmental affiliation.

Phase III

  • Students will be asked to act as a judge for the other student's research presentations at the annual Health Sciences Center Research Day.

Phase IV 

  • Students will spend eight weeks in a full time research experience during Phase IV. The eight weeks should be completed before Dec 1 of Phase IV. Students will receive a stipend of $4000 ($2000 per month).
  • Students will present to a national audience: Students are expected to submit an abstract to a national meeting. Presentation format will vary.
  • A primary goal of all Research Track participants is the submission of a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal for possible publication. This submitted manuscript may also be utilized to fulfill the mentored scholarly activity requirement of the School of Medicine. The manuscript submission must be submitted by Dec 1st of Phase IV