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How to apply to Research Track

Now Accepting 2nd Round Applications for the Research Track Class of 2022!

1.    We currently have the following Departments/Institutes that provide funding for student slots in the Research Track. We are only accepting applications for projects that fall within these Departments/Institutes and for projects with approved mentors (see #2 below).

·         The departments currently available for funding include:

1.   Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

2.   Cancer Center

3.  Child Psychiatry

4.  D2V

5.    Neurology

6.    Ob/Gyn

7.    Orthopedics

8.    Pathology

9.    Pediatrics

10.  Regenerative Medicine

11.  Surgery

·         You can view current projects by department here.

2.    Identify potential mentors. To do this, please click here, and see the list of approved mentor names, their affiliated Departments/Institutes, and the current projects they are working on. You must work with one of the approved mentors on this list.

3.    Download a copy of the Research Track Second Round Application 2022 - Fillable.pdfResearch Track Second Round Application.​

4.    Meet with potential mentors to discuss possible projects. Come to a mutual decision with a mentor to apply and then work with that mentor to complete the application.

5.    Submit application materials electronically (by emailing The deadline for submitting applications is 9:00 am on December 7, 2018.  Required materials to submit include:

·         A completed application form

·         Both a student and mentor's CV or NIH-format biosketch (please make sure the mentor highlights, or otherwise designates, past or current mentees on the list of publications in the mentor’s CV).

·         A separate Email from the mentor confirming their willingness to serve as the student’s mentor. The mentor should include that he/she is aware that a core requirement of the Research Track is that the student will submit a first authored publication to a peer reviewed journal by Febraury 1st of their fourth year.

·         Student project preference sheet (if applicable)

6.    Applications will be reviewed by the Research Track Steering Committee and results announced by January.


Here is the link to the rubric that the selection committee uses to evaluate applications: Research Track Application Rubric.


If you have questions about this process, please email Caitlin Zoghby at


Funding for the Research Track comes from a variety of sources, each of which has separate requirements. As such, the number of applications funded may vary across Departments.