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Lung Vascular Development and Neonatal Pulmonary HypertensionInfantsAbman, Steven H.
Outcomes of Non-Operative Treatment For Stable OCD Lesions Among Pediatric and Adolescent PatientsAdolescents, School Age ChildrenAlbright, Jay
Targeting the ALDH+ Tumorigenic Population in Colorectal CancerArcaroli, John
Multiple projects availableInfants, Pregnant WomenBailey, Beth
Pancreatic islet electrical dysregulation in Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetesHealth DisparitiesBenninger, Richard
Characterizing the Mechanism of a Lupus-Protective Single-Nucleotide PolymorphismBoackle, Susan
Integrative Omics of COPDBowler, Russell
Gene-UV interactions in clinical presentation of melanomaBox, Neil
Pharmacoepidemiology of adverse drug reactions in the rheumatic diseasesCaplan, Liron
Clinical outcomes and health services research for the rheumatic diseasesHealth Disparities, Men, VeteransCaplan, Liron
Mechanisms of brain metastatic colonization in breast cancerWomenCittelly, Diana
Improving outcomes of critically ill patients with alcohol use disordersAdultsClark, Brendan
Mucosal inflammation mechanismsColgan, Sean
Healthcare Quality, Safety and Efficiency in a Multidisciplinary Women's Pelvic Floor Center WomenConnell, Kathleen
The epigenetic signature in women with pelvic organ prolapseWomenConnell, Kathleen
Pharmacoepidemiology and patient-centered outcomesAdults, African American, Hispanic-Latino(a), VeteransDavis, Lisa
Variables that affect soft tissue balancing in total knee replacementDayton, Michael
Strategy for the Prevention of Clinically-Apparent Rheumatoid Arthritis (StopRA)Deane, Kevin
Health Fair Identification of Undiagnosed Rheumatoid ArthritisAdultsDeane, Kevin
Mucosal generation of autoimmunity in rheumatoid arthritisDemoruelle, Kristen
Determining the Originating Site of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Is It the Lung?AdultsDemoruelle, Kristen
Defining the mechanism of arthritis amelioration by pregnancyPregnant Women, WomenDragone, Leonard
Behavioral Interventions to Optimize Adherence to the Type 1 Diabetes Regimen and Improve Health OutcomesAdolescents, Adults, Health Disparities, School Age Children, Young AdultsDriscoll, Kimberly
Bacteriophage communities as drivers of microbiota mediated dysbiosis during colitisDuerkop, Breck
High Resolution Imaging of Lipids in the BrainEckel, Robert
The anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer roles/mechanisms of interleukin-37 and its receptors.Eisenmesser, Elan
Optimization of trauma triage criteria based on local data reduces mis-triages and increases trauma resource efficiencyFerrigno, Lisa
Outcomes based research in Reconstructive UrologyAdultsFlynn, Brian
The Human Microbiome in Health and DiseaseAdults, Hispanic-Latino(a), Infants, Pregnant WomenFrank, Daniel
Neurobiology of Eating DisordersAdolescents, Adults, Women, Young AdultsFrank, Guido
Research focus on spinal deformity in childrenAdolescents, InfantsGarg, Sumeet
Genetic determinant of idiopathic scoliosisHadley-Miller, Nancy
Thyroid Cancer Signaling, Pharmacogenomics, and Tumor ImmunologyHaugen, Bryan
Genomics of DNA and RNA repairHesselberth, Jay
The impact of lateral ankle ligament injury and repair on tibiotalar joint mechanicsHunt, Kenneth
Gasotransmitter signaling in reproductive physiologyWomenHurt, Joseph
The contribution of cell free hemoglobin in the progression of pulmonary vascular remodelingAdults, Infants, Men, Women, Young AdultsIrwin, David
Elucidating the effects of secreted mucins on breast cancer biologyWomenJacobsen, Britta
MRI technologies to noninvasively assess vascular and cardiac disease and response to treatment in youth and adults with obesity and diabetesAdolescents, AdultsJane Reusch and Kristen Nadeau
Disease prevention with vaccines and mucosal immunityAdults, African American, Infants, VeteransJanoff, Edward
Clinical impact of cancer stem cell presence and signaling in head and neck squamous cell cancerAdults, Men, WomenJimeno, Antonio
The effect of age and chronic kidney disease on bone metabolismKing, Karen
Palliative Care Needs and Nonmotor Symptoms in Parkinson's DiseaseAdultsKluger, Benzi
Stress effect on health and agingAdults, Infants, Native Americans, Pregnant Women, WomenLaudenslager, Mark
Role of Nuclear Receptors in Obesity and Diabetic ComplicationsLevi, Moshe
DNA methylation of microRNA and its application as a biomarker for head and neck cancerLu, Shi-Long
Understanding pathogenesis in CBS deficient homocystinuriaMaclean, Ken
Targeting nonsmall cell lung cancer with Smad4 lossAdultsMalkoski, Stephen
Neural mechanisms of cross-sensistization in the pelvis and chronic pelvic painAdultsMalykhina, Anna
Assessment of surgical patient riskAfrican American, Asian, Geriatrics, Health Disparities, Hispanic-Latino(a), Pregnant Women, Veterans, WomenMeguid, Robert
Patient risk assessment; Identification of beneficial processes of careAdults, African American, Geriatrics, Health Disparities, Hispanic-Latino(a), MenMeguid, Robert
Small heat shock proteins in fibrosis of eye tissuesNagaraj, Ram
Tribal Early Childhood Research CenterInfants, Native Americans, Pregnant Women, School Age Children, Young AdultsNovins, Doug
Intraocular Device DevelopmentOlson, Jeff
Prevention of cataractsPetrash, Mark
Evaluation of targeted therapies in GI cancersPitts, Todd
Hybrid closed-loop therapy in pregnancies complicated by T1DPregnant WomenPolsky, Sarit
Virus-induced Immune Dysregulation in HPV-associated Head and Neck CancerAdultsPyeon, Dohun
The role of androgen receptor in breast cancerWomenRicher, Jennifer
Complications of intrauterine growth restrictionInfants, Pregnant WomenRozance, Paul
Nutrient coordination of pancreatic vasculature and beta-cellsInfants, Pregnant WomenRozance, Paul
Female obesity and reproductionAdultsSantoro, Nanette
Hormone regulated breast cancer stem cellsWomenSartorius, Carol
Pseudomonas aeruginosa drug efflux pump and metabolismSchurr, Michael
Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Pulmonary FibrosisAdultsSchwartz, David
Targeting kinase dependencies in thyroid cancerSchweppe, Rebecca
Coronary Artery Calcification in Type 1 DiabetesAdultsSnell-Bergeon, Janet
Mechanisms of impaired fetoplacental aniogenesis in fetal growth restrictionPregnant WomenSu, Emily
Denver Public School Asthma ProgramSzefler, Stanley
Project CLIMB: Integrated behavioral health services in pediatric primary careAdolescents, Infants, School Age ChildrenTalmi, Ayelet
Connecting Gene Expressions with TherapeuticsTan, Aik Choon
Defining and controlling pathogenic T cells in autoimmunityWagner, David
Cancer, Wound Healing, Skin DiseasesWang, Xiao-Jing
Evaluation of Node Positive Bladder CancerAdults, GeriatricsWilson, Shandra
Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Improving Outcome from Acute Illness, Injury, SurgeryWischmeyer, Paul