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Clinical outcomes and health services research for the rheumatic diseases

Project Description

The Caplan lab engages in a number of projects related to clinical outcomes and health services research for various rheumatic diseases. In essence, our lab attempts to use statistical approaches to understand the relationship of clinical risk factors to outcomes.  An example would be the relationship of medication exposures to adverse drug reactions. We also focus fairly intensively on spondyloarthritis (ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease associated arthritis). Students would have the opportunity to pick from a variety of related topics, and students with initiative would have the opportunity to assume the principal responsibility for their related topic.  Most of our work is done on computer and may involve: interacting with electronic medical records, performing analyses, writing scientific reports, etc.  Some of our work can involve interactions with patients in a research setting and we do have a few wet-bench related projects.

Area of Study

Bone or Skeletal; Health Care and Public Health Research; Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases


Health Disparities; Men; Veterans


Chart Review; Clinical Trials; Surveys, Questionnaires, and Psychological Testing

Disease or Symptom

Bone or Skeletal; Immune Related Disease



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Mentor Name

Caplan, Liron

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