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Denver Public School Asthma Program

Project Description

The Step Up Asthma Program is an established collaboration of community and health organizations led by National Jewish Health (NJH) and the Denver Public Schools (DPS) designed to tackle one of Colorado’s most burdensome health conditions and reach the state’s urban youth who bear a profound and disproportionate asthma affliction. More than 8,500 students in DPS have a current diagnosis of asthma. Despite the majority having health insurance and access to care, up to 46% of elementary and middle school students screened by a validated asthma questionnaire upon entry to our Program each year have moderate to severe uncontrolled asthma. The Step Up Asthma Program is a comprehensive school-based asthma program that translates evidence based asthma management to the population of children most at risk of asthma disparities. We will build on proven components of the Step Up Asthma Program and broaden the impact through coordination and collaboration with public health agencies and community organizations. The theme of our program is “Building Bridges to Prevent Asthma Exacerbations”.
 Comments:Our program has been in operation for eight years and we are developing reports on clinical outcomes at this time and working to make this a national program through the development of a mentorship program to extend to inner city schools throughout the country.

Area of Study

Health Care and Public Health Research; Pharmacology and Physiology; Pulmonary and Critical Care




Surveys, Questionnaires, and Psychological Testing

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National Jewish Health; 1400 Jackson St., Denver, CO 80206

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Szefler, Stanley

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