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Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Improving Outcome from Acute Illness, Injury, Surgery

Project Description

The mission of our NIH funded laboratory (The Translational PharmacoNutrition Pharmacology Laboratory (TPN Lab) is to discover and develop the use of new therapeutic agents to improve outcomes from acute illness, injury, and surgery. This research spans the entire range of translational pharmacology (from basic mechanistic pathway determination in cellular/animal systems to large multi-center randomized controlled clinical trials).   Currently, we have a major research focus on the use of nutrition, including specific nutrients  (glutamine and other sports and performance-enhancing nutrients) and probiotics/microbiome interventions as therapeutic agents in improving outcomes from surgery, critical illness, trauma, burn, organ injury, and peri-operative stress. Other areas of interest for our research group include development of coordinated peri-operative interventions (exercise, nutrition, etc.) to improve surgical and burn outcomes.  A student in our fast paced and diverse lab group would be encouraged to develop an independent sub-project within our areas of interest, work on a sub-project of our ongoing clinical trials or select a personalized basic (cellular/animal) science project that would become their own project. The project would be chosen with the intent to lead to publication of abstracts, manuscripts, and presentation at national and international meetings. The student could expect to not only acquire fundamental research skills, but also extensive training in literature research, abstract/paper writing, and oral presentation skills.

Area of Study





Clinical Trials; Nutrition

Disease or Symptom

Basic Human Processes; Stress



Mentor Location

University of Colorado School of Medicine 12700 E. 19th Ave. Box 8602, RC2 P15-7120 | Aurora, CO 80045

Mentor Contact Number


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Mentor Name

Wischmeyer, Paul

Funding Department/Program

Cancer Center



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8/4/2015 9:02 AM


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