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SOM Research Projects: Mental health and early onset disruptive behavior problems in foster care


Mental health and early onset disruptive behavior problems in foster care



Project Description

Dr. Clyman's research focuses on children in the foster care system.  Two broad areas are under investigation.  The first is developmental risk and prevention in infants placed in foster care, and the second concerns the relations between policy and service system variables and child and family outcomes.  He is beginning a study of developmental risk in a city-wide sample of infants placed into foster and kinship (relative) care, examining parent-infant interaction, infant emotional development, and access to health care and developmental services.  An infant mental health-based early intervention program for these infants is under development.  In a second study, data are being analyzed on differences between 4-6 year olds who are in foster or kinship care.  The study focuses on similar constructs as indicated above. It has a particular emphasis on early onset disruptive behavior problems.  In this laboratory, there are opportunities for post-doctoral fellows to work in developmental psychopathology, preventive intervention, and services research with children in the child welfare system.


Mentor Name

Clyman, Rob

Mentor Location

Children's Hospital Colorado, Pavillion, 1st floor

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Area of Study

Developmental Neuroscience, Brain and Behavior - Child; Health Care and Public Health Research


Adolescents; Infants; School-age Children



Disease or Symptom

Aggression-Violence; Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities

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