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Our History

Global Health Track

The University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Global Health Track was launched in 2006 in conjunction with the University of Colorado's Center for Global Health. In this same year, the School of Medicine began its Mentored Scholarly Activity program and determined that global health would be one of the acceptable areas of study. At its inception, the track included 16 first-year medical students and was run by volunteer faculty.

The track grew considerably over the next two years and in 2008 the Global Health Track gained financial support from the School of Medicine was able to hire directors for the track while still utilizing over 85 volunteer instructors from various schools, departments and community and government organizations. In 2009, strides were made toward formalized partnerships between the Global Health Track and nine organizations in nine different countries around the world where students will conduct their longitudinal projects. Today, the Global Health Track continues to provide future physicians with the education and skills necessary to be a productive part of the global health arena.