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Progressive Learning

Global Health Track

Fall 1st Year: (7 total classes – 2 hours each)

      1. Introduce basic concepts of global health, the UN Millennium Development Goals and the most prevalent health issues facing the global community including maternal mortality, diarrheal illness, tuberculosis, HIV, sexual violence etc.
      2. Enable 2nd year students to present projects to 1st year students to promote continuity and sustainability of projects (occurring during the first 6 weeks of class.)

Spring 1st Year (Approximately 18 total classes – 2 hours each)

      1. Give students an introduction to proposal writing, literature searches, and background studies. Facilitate proposal synthesis for student’s summer projects.
      2. Introduce students to different intervention strategies and clinical skills that will be useful for their longitudinal summer projects. Possible topics are: short-term medical missions, sustainable community development, community participatory development, research, community health education, splinting, baby weighing, growth charts, ORS treatment etc.
      3. Assist in logistically preparing students for summer project in line with University of Colorado SOM expectations.

Summer 1st Year

      1. Students will complete summer longitudinal project abroad or in indigent communities in the United States.
      2. Students will prepare and submit a paper summarizing their project to the directors of the Global Health Track by the end of the summer.

Fall 2nd Year

      1. Prepare and give summer project presentations to 1st year global health students and work with new students to prepare them to take over projects during their summer abroad.
      2. Continue to provide students with essential global health skills through 4-5 two hour skill seminars. Seminars include: Suturing/Wound Care, Fast Scan, Public Relations/Advocacy (find speakers)/write op eds for newspapers, Leadership Training.
        • Possible future additions
          • Dialogue to coordinate leadership training.
          • PR/Advocacy lectures

3rd Year

      1. A limited number of modules on different global health topics, keeping students engaged in global health while providing them the flexibility to complete assignments over wide periods of time.
        • Note for prospective students: Your 3rd year of medical school will be extremely busy at times. During this year you will have limited time to devote to your global health learning and thus will have limited assignments during this year.

4th Year

      1. Complete the 2 week Tropical Medicine Course at CU that will focus on infectious diseases, Millenium Development Goals, and disaster planning/management.
      2. Completion of MSA Project (by December)
      3. Optional: second visit to work site.