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Upcoming journal clubs and skills workshops!

“This Week in Global Health” - TWiGH Online Blog
Along with Dr. Greg Martin, a team of multidisciplinary global health experts and SYPs (Students and Young Professionals) host a weekly LIVE global health show every Wednesday at noon MST.  In each episode, we focus on different global health topics and provide an overview of anything current in the global health news space, as well as listing upcoming Requests for Proposals (RFPs), job opportunities, and profiles of global health organizations. We then get more in-depth into a subject in the post-show, bringing on experts and highlighting different aspects of the weeks’ topic, creating a round-table environment for discussion within the panel and also with the online audience. Additionally, in each episode we try to highlight job opportunities in the global health space, as well as accepting submissions to our blog (

Our goal is to create a community for global health students and professionals to collaborate, to bring the classroom and the global health world a bit closer together, and would love your involvement!

Access the TWiGH website here.
Successful suture workshop!
  • First of all, congrats to everyone for a successful suture workshop (the first of many, we hope). Dr. Insel and one of her colleagues graciously led over 20 1st and 2nd years through the basics of suturing and we had a great showing from 4th years who came to help out as well. Check out photos from the evening here!

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