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Women's Health Track

For students entering in August 2012 (class of 2016), the Women’s Health Track is not accepting students—this track option is not available

The purpose of the Women’s Health Track is to help participating medical students learn to address their patients’ gender based health needs throughout their careers, regardless of their chosen specialty. While gender-based competencies are addressed for all medical students throughout the required curriculum, participants in the Women’s Health Track will have the opportunity to explore these in greater depth in small group, patient-oriented settings with experienced faculty facilitators.

Students who complete the Women’s Health track will gain additional experience with the patho-physiology, etiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment options for conditions that are more common, more serious, or have interventions that are either specific to or different in women. They will also gain additional practice accessing and critically evaluating new information and adopting best practices that incorporate knowledge of sex and gender differences in health and disease.

The overarching learning objectives for the Track have been derived from the publication, Women’s Health Care Competencies for Medical Students: Taking Steps to Include Sex and Gender Differences in the Curriculum. This publication is available on-line at