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Phase 1 - IDPT 6642 Intro to Women’s Health: 1.0 credits.
The first in a series, this elective will introduce participants to Women‘s Health as a field of study and clinical care. Assigned reading will frame discussions devoted to gender-based public health issues, women as research subjects, gender and communication.

Phase 1 - IDPT 6643 Women’s Primary Care: 1.0 credits.
Primary care issues and literature search strategies will be emphasized. Students must remain in good standing academically on all required courses throughout the year to participate.

Phase 2 - IDPT 6644: Women and Mental Health: 1.0 credits.
Independent work related to women in mental health will serve as the core of this seminar based course.

Phase 3 - This coursework is designed to help students transition from the pre-clinical to the clinical curriculum. Students complete and submit a formal patient write up related to a gender based health issue stemming from an actual patient encountered each rotation. The write-ups must include a full H&P and a formal review of the women’s health topic exemplified by each case, with an appropriate bibliography.

Phase 4 - Directed Study in Women’s Health (1st offering 2009-2010)
Opportunities in women’s health such as clinical research projects, laboratory projects, directed literature reviews, and special clinical rotations are available. Students electing to complete a clinical rotation must do so in an area different from that in which they are intending to match.