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Tracks for Medical Students

Medical students with a special area of interest may elect to participate in a track. Tracks provide additional opportunities to enhance learning and practice for students through special lectures, tailored clinical and research experiences, and sponsored mentored projects. Students will have knowledge and level appropriate responsibilities in each of the four years of medical school. To learn the requirements for application and what each track entails see the links below.


Global Health Track
International medicine with classroom and global experiences.

Leadership, Education and Advocacy Development Scholarship (LEADS)
Emphasizing the social, cultural & economic antecedents of health and illness and provide our health profession students with the vision and skills to work effectively in their communities to promote health.

Research Track
Providing students with in-depth long-term exposure to research.

Rural Track
Giving students a broad and rich experience in rural medicine.

Urban Underserved Track
The track will provide the skills and support needed for future health care providers serving those urban populations.