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Leadership & Advocacy



LEADS Track 

LEADS Track Students selecting a focus in leadership, advocacy, and community service can elect to participate in a scholarly project which will assist you in completing your mentored scholarly activity requirement.

2013 LEADS TRACK Application.docx2013 LEADS TRACK Application.docx


Enrollment in the LEADS Leadership and Advocacy Track will be based on evidence of their commitment to community service and the underserved. Students will submit a structured application to the program steering committee.  Minority and disadvantaged students are especially encouraged to apply.  Applications will be due in fall of Phase I.

We strongly encourage interested students to meet with us early and to consider beginning the groundwork for their summer projects during the fall of their first year.  While this is not a requirement, special consideration will be given to applicants who have already invested in an appropriate project.*

Current first year medical students will:
•Commit to completing the LEADS elective fall and spring courses
•Attend 50% of the LEADS IMPACT Seminars offered in the spring
•Participate in the summer leadership and advocacy curriculum
•Implement a summer service learning project with a community organization

Current second year medical students will:
•Commit to completing the LEADS fall elective
•Attend 50% of the LEADS Seminars during their second year

Current third year medical students will:  
•Participate in LEADS Track Sessions offered during scheduled track time ICC
•All Track meetings held during Integrated Clinicians' Course (ICC) sessions

Current fourth year medical students will: 
•Complete a Mentored Scholarly Activity in leadership, advocacy and community service.
•All Track meetings held during Integrated Clinicians' Course (ICC) sessions
•Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA) requirement on a LEADS approved project addressing the needs of an underserved population (most students do this in concert with their summer project).



*However, there is no guarantee that this project will be enacted as it will require a local community partner to actively participate.  We try to select similar types of projects when students have discussed them with us in advance, but cannot make any guarantees due to factors beyond our control.