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General Tasks for Tutors- Facilitating a small group

  1. Preparing
      • Read over the syllabus pages and readings for the week.
      • Reflect on any group process issues that should be addressed.
      • Come to lecture if you can! The content relates closely to group discussion.
  2. Introducing the Session
      • Have a short check-in (e.g. ask students what has been happening to them since last group meeting, how medical school is going, what they are doing outside of classes, what they are learning in blocks, etc.)
      • Review ground rules or administrative tasks, if necessary
      • Collect all assignments (when appropriate)
  3. Facilitating the Discussion (see Tips for Tutors)
  4. Concluding the Session
      • Summarize important discussion points and discuss "take home" message or "one big idea" from session (or get student to do this)
      • Check-in with group to see if objectives were met or if there are group issues
      • Preview next session's activities and assignments
  5. Reviewing post-Group
      • Review the small group with your co-leader (if you have one):
          • Were expectations clear?
          • Was content covered and relevant?
          • Were assignments turned in?
          • Was everyone actively involved (group process)?
      • Plan next session