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Guidelines for facilitating PBL


Group Process

The success of the group does not depend only on the quality of the students’ learning issues and the accompanying discussion, but also on the health of the group. Each group should discuss the principles on the “Successful Group Dynamics” card. Students may expect the tutor to “fix” all the problems in the group, however it is the responsibility of all of the members of the group to ensure an ongoing healthy and safe environment for discussion and sharing.

Successful Group Dynamics
Everyone in the group should SHARE

Seek clarification
H Honor confidentiality
A Add to discussion
R Respect each other
E Encourage participation


Evaluating Your Group
Regularly ask yourself these questions about your group

Is there a climate of safety to state opinions in your group?
Does everyone participate in group discussions?
Does the group keep focused on the task at hand?
Is the group effective in getting the task done?
Are you comfortable with your group?

Fixing Your Group
Don't wait too long to begin fixing your group

Talk to your colleagues
A Address your group’s issues
L Let bygones be bygones
K Keep an eye to improvement


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