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Student Resources for the MSA

There are a number of resources available to help you successfully complete your MSA project.  These include:
Biostatistical support - The Research Consulting Laboratory is available without charge to MSA students.  The RCL can help with study design, power & sample size calculations, data analysis and interpretation.  You can make an appt. by calling 303-724-4619,, or stop by room W3132 in Building 500.  Please be sure to identify yourself as an MSA student. 

COMIRB - COMIRB approval is required for all students conducting human subjects research.  You will need to complete required training in order to submit a protocol or be added to an existing protocol.

Health Science Library - The MSA program has a librarian assigned for each of the 5 thematic areas who can help with professional grade searches for background sections of proposals and with systematic reviews. 

Projects Seeking Students - There are a number of longitudinal projects that seek students to take an active role.  This link will provide a brief project description as well as the contact information for either the mentor or a student working on the project.

Writing Center - The Writing Center is available to assist with your writing for your MSA proposals and with scholarly papers that may result from your MSA project.  The Writing Center is located in the HS library.

FAQ's about the MSA program 

Funding Opportunities for MSA projects 

Tips for finding and working with a mentor 


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Project Title
AdamsSabrina2011Clinical Science
Bruce Evans
ArmourGrant2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Jennifer Wolf
A New Orthopaedic Student Interest Group at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
AtwoodBenjamin2011Clinical Science
Kristen Nordenholz
BenderRyan2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Helen Macfarlane
Tree of Life: Similarity of Branching Structures in Plant and Animal Anatomy
BerenzAndrew2011Basic Science
Greg Owens
Identifying Antigens of Recomabinant Antibodies Generated from CD138+ Plasma Cells in the CSF of Multiple Sclerosis
BoucekDana2011Clinical Science
Matthew Taylor
BreedChristopher2011Global Health
Dave Hibbard
Chris Hibbard
Global Health Exploration at Kisiizi Hospital: A Focus on Staff Health
BromfieldAlexander2011Clinical Science
Kerry Broderick
Ambulatory Patients in the Emergency Department: A Study of Patients’ Preference For Daytime or Evening Care
BrookensAndrew2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Steve Lowenstein
Mark Earnest
An Examination of Barriers to Volunteerism among Physicians in Colorado
BrownLaura2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Richard Miranda
Healthcare Access and Usage Among Urban Hispanic Americans in Denver, Colorado
ButterfieldAustin2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Rita Lee
Evaluation of Undergraduate Medical Education Communications Curriculum: Sexual History Taking
CarlsonTodd2011Global Health
Richard Anstett
Training Community Health Promoters in the Loreto Region of Peru
CellaNeil2011Clinical Science
Evelyn Hutt
Portable Chest X-Rays in NHAP . . . do results guide antibiotic ordering behavior?
ChevallierKeely2011Clinical Science
Vincent Eusterman
Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Complicated by Progression to Squamous Cell Carcinoma
ClairKathryn2011Global Health
Karen Gieseker
Locally Sourced Orphan Healthcare in Sub-Saharan African Children’s Villages: Developing a Sustainable Model in Rwanda and Malawi
ClarkSydne2011Clinical Science
Max Mitchell
Cardiac Retransplantation in a Pediatric Population
ClemonsJulia2011Clinical Science
Tom Flaig
DES in prostate cancer
ColeWilliam2011Clinical Science
Marty Zamora
Is short cold ischemic time a risk factor for severe primary graft dysfunction in transplanted lungs?
ComfortWilliam2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Helen Macfarlane
Promoting Helmet Use to Children in the Clinical Care Setting
CummingsVictoria2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Mark Earnest
Judy Zerzan
Does physician work-life satisfaction predict orientation toward health care reform?
DhaliwalRamnik2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Mark Earnest
The Pharmaceutical-Physician Relationship in Medicine: The Issue of Conflict of Interest and Learning Points from Legislative Driven Change in Colorado
DhaliwalJasmeet2011Clinical Science
Steve Lowenstein
Student Perspectives on the Diversity Climate at a U.S. Medical School: The Need for a Broader Definition of Diversity
DuttonDonald2011Clinical Science
Mark Deutchman
Primary Care Colonoscopy – Measuring Objective End Points as Quality Indicators in an Oklahoma Rural Family Practice
ElkonBenjamin2011Clinical Science
Julia Fuzak
Mass Transfer of Pediatric Tertiary Care Hospital Inpatients to a New Location in Under 12 Hours: Lessons Learned and Implications for Disaster Preparedness
ErwinNicole2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Jeannie Zuk
Eduardo Cruz
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiac Patients at the Children’s Hospital Denver
FainBrandon2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Steve Federico
A Model of Colorado's Health Care System for Children and a Tool That Makes Meaningful Policy Change Possible
FriedlanderLaura2011Clinical Science
Sue Lindenmuler
Fever and Neutropenia: Is outpatient treatment of low-risk patients feasible? Can biomarkers help predict the severity of febrile illness in pediatric oncology patients?
FronczakCarolyn2011Clinical Science
Shandra Wilson
Current smokers are at increased risk for advanced stages of bladder cancer. Are changes in the designs and compositions of cigarettes to blame?
GaltonChristopher2011Basic Science
Miriam Treggiari
Open-Label Randomized Trial of the Safety and Efficacy of a Single Dose Conivaptan to Raise Serum Na in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
GillLisa2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
John Walrond
Chapter in the textbook: Title - Principles of Human Physiology
GolembeskiScott2011Clinical Science
Vikas Patel
Translating versus Non-Translating Cervical Plates
GoodTravis2011Global Health
Gretchen Heinrichs
Culture Clash in the Andes: Maternal and Child Considerations
GrenobleJeunesse2011Global Health
Theodore Ning
Short Term Medical Volunteer Work: Improving Awareness and Sustainability
GueseMary2011Clinical Science
Laura Martin
The effects of nicotine on temporal processing in schizophrenia as measured by the mismatch negativity waveform
HaDuc2011Global Health
Theodore Ning
Towards the Development of a Vietnamese Medical Information Website: Analyses of Current Sites, and Understanding the Role of the Internet in Health Education and Delivery
HaddadNadia2011Clinical Science
Rob Feinstein
Reducing Health Sciences Student Burnout and Stress Utilizing Web-Based Interventions
HancockClifton2011Clinical Science
Donald Eckhoff
HerndonAlison2011Clinical Science
Sharon Hunter
The Effects of Prenatal Drug Exposures on Infant Auditory Sensory Gating
HizaElise2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Mark Brandenburg
North American Rodeo Referral Network—One Model for Health Care Delivery in the Sport of Professional Rodeo
HomburgKristin2011Clinical Science
Judy Reaven
The Association between Anxiety Symptoms and Externalizing Behaviors in Boys with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
HongJulee2011Basic Science
Holger Eltzschig
Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1-dependent protection from intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury involves the ecto-5’-nucleotidase (CD73) and the A2B adenosine receptor
HopkinsHollis2011Clinical Science
Christopher Colwell
Optimal Pre-Hospital Crew Configuration for Pre-hospital Care in Cardiac Arrest Patients
HoukalJoseph2011Clinical Science
Janette Durham
Kimi Kondo
Central Line Related Complications in the Blood & Marrow Transplant Population
HuhnRuth2011Clinical Science
Jen Leiferman
A Review of the Literature Pertaining to Physiological Changes Induced by Exercise and its Effect on depression
JaphetCynthia2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Rita Lee
A Systematic Review of the Literature on Physicians’ Physical Health, Their Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors, and the Patient Care Implications
JarvieJennifer2011Clinical Science
Robert Eckel
The Distribution of LpPLA2 Mass and Activity Across Lipoproteins and How It Relates to Diabetes and CAC Progression in Males With High HDL
KauvarEmily2011Basic Science
Maximilian Muenke
Minimal evidence for a direct involvement of Twisted Gastrulation Homolog 1 (TWSG1) gene in human holoprosencephaly
KenfieldMeredith2011Clinical Science
Christopher Filley
When Cognitive Evaluation Does Not Disclose a Neurologic Disorder: Experience of a University Behavioral Neurology Clinic
KoskiScott2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Robin Gabriels
Mending the Safety Net
KringelJanelle2011Global Health
Benjamin Young
Integrated Population-Based Surveillance of Acute Respiratory Infections in the Beheira Governorate – Damanhour District, Egypt
LarsonMolly2011Clinical Science
Liron Caplan
Observational study to determine predictors of rheumatology clinic visit provider contact time
LawrenceJerry2011Clinical Science
Jeff Kashuk
Noncitrated Whole Blood is Optimal for Evaluation of Postinjury Coagulopathy With Point-of-Care Rapid Thrombelastography
LeachKara2011Global Health
Gretchen Heinrichs
Female Genital Mutilation: Difficult Decisions
LeeRobert2011Clinical Science
Ivor Douglas
Characterizing the role of cathelicidin LL-37 in pulmonary surface immunity in mechanically ventilated patients through the analysis of surveillance distal airspace blind bronchoalveolar lavage fluid
LeightyWill2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Mark Deutchman
Implementation of Comprehensive Advanced Life Support, a new life support curriculum in Colorado: Phase I
MannAdrienne2011Clinical Science
Jillian Ciochetti
The effect of magnetic resonance imaging in the workup of breast cancer
MartinJesse2011Clinical Science
Jason Tregellas
MeasonBraden2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Paritosh Kaul
Gretchen Guiton
Cultural Competency Education: Are Positive Results Reproducible in First Year Medical Students?
MedinaCrystalDecemberHumanities, Social Science & Education
Eva Aagaard
Student Health Refugee Education Collaborative A refugees’ perspective on health and healthcare
MendelDavid2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Anjali Dhurandhar
The Effects of Microgravity on the Human Body
MorozeRyan2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Eva Aagaard
Marchioni, Chris
Be Well, Learn Well Study®: a pilot study evaluating the effects and feasibility of a healthy lifestyle intervention in preschool children
MouwNicholas2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Jack Westfall
Utility of Radiology Over Reads of Plain Films for Upper and Lower Extremity Injury in a Rural Hospital
MyersJesse2011Clinical Science
James Davidson
Creation of a case-based teaching file for the 4th year medical student radiology elective
MyklakKristene2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Tess Jones
Reflective Writing: A Medical or Personal Necessity?
OttenDavid2011Clinical Science
Michael Liao
Comparison of Bag-Valve-Mask Hand-Sealing Techniques in a Simulated Model
OverturfMichelle2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Mark Petrash
Aldose reductase-mediated induction of epithelium-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in lens
PercyMatthew2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Mark Deutchman

Designing Primary Care Service Delivery Around Prevention: A Review of Recent Literature
PotockoJoshua2011Basic Science
David Alexander
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Intracranial Pressure: Implications for Astronauts Exposed to Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Microgravity During Long-Duration Space Exploration Missions
RamseyKelly2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Bonnie Jortberg
Efficacy of Classes for Uninsured Diabetic Patients at Chaffee People’s Clinic in Producing Weight Loss
RaseBenjamin2011Clinical Science
Kimi Kondo
ReppertAmy2011Basic Science
Michael Weyant
Statin Therapy Attenuates Growth and Malignant Potential of Human Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Cells
RichterAmy2011Clinical Science
Julia Embry
Intrapartum paclitaxel and carboplatin for non-small cell lung cancer with metastasis to the placenta: A case report
RobbinsBrian2011Basic Science
Yosef Refaeli
The role of the p53 pathway in apoptosis triggered by BAFF-decoy receptors in murine models of B cell malignancies
RoseJames2011Clinical Science
Jennifer Wolf
Rapidly Growing Squamous-Cell Carcinoma of the Hand in a Renal Transplant Recipient: A Case Report
SchaferJesse2011Global Health
David Richards
Ultrasound for Penetrating Trauma in Resource Limited Environments
ShimekDanielle2011Clinical Science
Chad Stickrath
Interventions to Improve Attending Rounding Practices in The Inpatient Setting A Systematic Review of the Literature
SinnerAdam2011Global Health
Barry Bialek
Parasites, Health Needs and Telemedicine in Nepal
SlaughterAnne2011Global Health
Richard Anstett
Training Community Health Promoters in the Loreto Region of Peru
SmithMycroft2011Global Health
Barry Bialek
Parasites, Health Needs and Telemedicine in Nepal
SmithJesse2011Clinical Science
Barry Seltz
Microbiology and Antibiotic Management of Orbital Cellulitis
SnyderBenjamin2011Clinical Science
Maureen Garrity
USMLE Step 1: Research and Analysis, Improving preparation of Board Examination
StornelliNicole2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Kathryn Witzemann
A Comparison of Peer and Media Influences on Teens' Attitudes Regarding Teen Pregnancy
StromTobin2011Clinical Science
Betty Kleinschmidt-Demasters
Rare Nerve Lesions of Non–Nerve Sheath Origin
SwansonLeah2011Global Health
Eva Aagaard
Barriers to Creating An Effective, Sustainable, Reciprocal International Health Elective
SzeflerPaul2011Clinical Science
Scott Sagel
Longitudinal assessment of structural lung injury in children with cystic fibrosis
TenkuKemeni2011Clinical Science
Scott Oliver
Imaging for Diabetic Macular Edema: An Oveview of the Retina Module of the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph 3
ThompsonLauren2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Steve Federico
Teen Pregnancy Prevention: An Evaluation of a School Based-Health Center Health Education Program
ThorstadTyra2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Steve Federico
Teen Pregnancy Prevention: An Evaluation of a School Based-Health Center Health Education Program
TownsendNicole2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Carlton Barnett
Anschutz Medical Campus Wellness Survey
VerilhacKimi2011Humanities, Social Science & Education
Mark Earnest
Judy Zerzan
Practice setting and political orientation predict physicians’ attitudes toward health system reform
WarmackJessica2011Clinical Science
Jillian Ciochetti
The effect of magnetic resonance imaging in the workup of breast cancer
WarnerChristopher2011Global Health
Richard Anstett
Training Community Health Promoters in the Loreto Region of Peru
WegrzynLawrence2011Basic Science
Dennis Voelker
Suppression of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection by Phosphatidylinositol
WeltonKristina2011Global Health
Dave Hibbard
Chris Hibbard
Global Health Exploration at Kisiizi Hospital: A Focus on Staff Health
WertBryan2011Basic Science
Alan Fried
High-precision CO2 isotopologue spectrometer with a difference-frequency-generation laser source
WolffErich2011Epidemiology, Public & Community Health
Richard Miranda
Healthcare Access and Usage Among Urban Hispanic Americans in Denver, Colorado
WoodAllyson2011Clinical Science
James DeGregori
WuJames2011Basic Science
Robert Sclafani
Review of Tumor Immunology and the Role of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells and Regulatory T Cells
WyattMatthew2011Clinical Science
Ivan Casserly
Ankle-brachial Index Performance Among Internal Medicine Residents










Coming this fall - An archive of MSA projects completed by students in prior classes