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AlterMed Research Foundation Grant for MSA Award

for the Class of 2015

The AlterMed Research Foundation has announced a Grant for Mentored Scholarly Activity (MSA) Award available to medical students in the class of 2015.

A research fellowship will be awarded for a scholarly project that focuses on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in cancer. The fellowship will be based on the current Mentored Scholarly Activity model. The fellowship will fund research meeting the following criteria:

      • The research is a clinical study involving humans (basic science projects and studies involving animals will not be considered).
      • Preference will be given to projects proposing cancer research in CAM areas of mind-body medicine or energy medicine (such as mindfulness-based stress reduction/breathing, emotions/subtle energies measuring/monitoring/management) and other non-pharmaceutically driven CAM modalities. As one of the goals of the AlterMed Research Foundation is to one day eradicate human cancers, projects that can add knowledge to the use of CAM in prevention of cancer will be accorded extra attention.

Additionally, the awardee is expected to send a report at the end of the funding period, a report each semester, and a final report of the study to AlterMed Research Foundation. Email:

With this grant, the awardee (or someone on his/her behalf) is expected to present research progress to health professionals at the summer 2013 Colorado Integrative Medicine Conference (focus on mind-body medicine and lifestyle medicine). Expenses for gas and lodging will be provided by AlterMed Research Foundation.

If funding is available and the awardee submits research for publication to peer-reviewed publications at the end of the program, the awardee will be eligible to apply to AlterMed Research Foundation for additional funding. Any abstracts or papers submitted for publication must include acknowledgment of AlterMed Research Foundation’s support.

The award includes:
Up to 8 week MSA project internship ($1000 per month for 2 months plus $500 for project)

To apply: please submit an application (2-3 pages) describing the medical research project. The application must include:

      1. The specific aims that will be addressed
      2. A detailed scholarly proposal, including specific aims, background, methods, and analysis
      3. A timeline for project completion
      4. A budget
      5. A means of evaluation
      6. A plan to disseminate scholarly results within the institution as well as the broader community
      7. A letter of support from the faculty mentor
      8. A plan to address any additional Mentored Scholarly Activity or School of Medicine requirements.
      9. Letters of support from community members or faculty with whom the applicant has worked are welcome.

The application process is open now. The deadline for application submission is midnight April 5, 2012. Applications and supporting materials should be submitted electronically as a PDF to Katie Watts ( If you have any questions, Dr. Allan Prochazka (​) will be happy to answer them.