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 Mentored Scholarly Activity Research Plan Form

Please refer to the MSA Course Guide for the detailed description of the MSA goals, objectives, and definitions.

This plan form is how you document and communicate your progress on your MSA. You will be required to submit an updated plan form as you progress through each Phase of medical school and anytime there is a change in your project, mentor or Associate Director. Each phase will have a minimal requirement to be met. We strongly encourage you to challenge yourself and exceed the expectations outlined for each phase.

Keep in mind:
A record of scholarly activity is very valuable in the residency selection process and will make your application much more competitive. Residency programs DO NOT necessarily expect you to have done scholarship in the area you’ve chosen for clinical training. While not impossible, it will be very difficult to document scholarly activity for your residency application if you have not completed a large part of your project before starting Phase III.

MSA Comprehensive Plan Form submission dates:
(Note each successive submission should show progress from the prior phase)

Phase I – April 15
Phase II – November 1
Phase III – May 3
Phase IV – See below

December 15 - Submit draft of paper to date with timeline explaining how you will complete the project by the deadline of February 1. Your mentor must send an e-mail verifying that they have read the rough draft version of the paper and will continue to mentor you through project completion.

February 1 – Submit final draft of paper (a first author paper published in a peer reviewed journal may substitute.) Your mentor must send an e-mail verifying that they have read the final draft of the paper and assign a grade of P/F.

March – Present work at assigned poster session during capstone event.


We strongly encourage you to complete the MSA Plan form offline in a Word document or a PDF, and then copy and paste to complete the submission of your plan form below. Keep the doc or pdf as a record and edit it to make your updates for next Phase.