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Phase IV Expectations

    • Students who did not complete intensive course work in Phases I and II should schedule two four-week MSA blocks early in Phase IV to work on their project
    • Work on project between April and January
    • Communicate with your Associate Director
    • Meet regularly with your mentor
    • Submit first draft of paper
    • Complete scholarly product
    • Submit final 10-25 page MSA paper
    • Prepare and deliver a capstone poster presentation of your project

Phase IV Course Requirements and Timeline

  • ​Submit first draft of paper by December 15, 2015 through the Canvas Assignment. 

  • Submit final 10-25 page MSA paper by February 1, 2016 (Any Published paper is acceptable, but a contributor ship​ statement is required (see MSA Rubrics for assessment criteria)) Submit paper through Canvas Assignment. 

  • Present your work at your assigned poster session during the MSA capstone event on March 6, 2016 (see MSA Rubrics for assessment criteria)

  • Evaluate peer presentations at the MSA capstone event in March

MSA Course Syllabus​

Phase IV Electives (IDPT 8091 and IDPT 8093)

Elective Course Requirements

This is a 4 week elective during phase IV. The purpose is to allow students to focus on completing the draft/final paper or prepare for the capstone presentation.

  • Students work intensively with mentors on their chosen MSA Project.
  • Students critically review background literature, define a question/hypothesis, develop and implement methods and study design, collect data, analyze and interpret data, and submit written progress reports for their MSA Project.


How do you sign up for the elective?

  1. Complete elective registration form; within 30 days of starting elective.
  2. Have mentor sign off on elective registration form.
  3. Send mentored signed elective registration form to or drop off at Jessica Hitt-Laustsen's office (Building 500 – E1322C)
  4. The completed elective form will be sent by email to Student affairs for registration. The student registering will be included in the email.

***Note if you are a student who traveled in your phase I/II for a global health MSA and plan on traveling in phase IV for your MSA, please email to find out further details for registering.

Draft and Final Paper

Papers will be double spaced, typed in 12 ppt. Arial font and have 1 inch margins. Most papers will include the following components:

    • Cover Page – Title of paper, your name, mentor’s name (Please make a cover page even if you are submitting a peer-reviewed published paper).
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Limitations
    • Conclusions
    • References (minimum of 20)
    • Acknowledgements
    • Contributorship
Capstone Presentation
  •  Prepare and present a poster
    • Present project to classmates and faculty during ICC in March.
    • Evaluate peer presentations during the sessions you are not assigned to present

If graduating off cycle, contact for timeline.