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Phase I MSA Expectations and Course Requirements

  • Complete Phase I Interest Form during orientation
  • Attend MSA lectures and seminars
  • Meet one-on-one with an Associate Director
  • Meet potential mentors and discuss areas of interest
  • Select mentor and develop project goals
  • Review relevant scholarly literature
  • Attend and evaluate posters at the Annual Student Research Forum in December
  • Complete MSA Phase I Project Outline in Canvas by April 17
  • Complete an online research module (Summer Elective students only during Phase I.  All others will complete during Phase II)
  • COMIRB - If your project involves human subjects, you must complete the COMIRB certification online and plan ahead to submit your protocol


MSA​ Summer IDPT 6090

Requirements​ and Timeline​
  • ​2018 MSA Summer IDPT 6090 Syllabus​​​​​
  • Attend the Summer IDPT 6090 Introductory Course location date and time.
  • Meet/communicate with your mentor at least bi-weekly.
  • Submit Abstract of your work and Annotated bibliography (20 references minimum) by July 20, 2018 via Canvas.
  • Upload PowerPoint slides for your Work in Progress Presention in Canvas by July 29, 2018.
  • Present current status of project and participate in Work in Progress sessions July 31 & August 9, 2018.
  • COMIRB certification and approval notice (if your project requires COMIRB approval) .
  • Students will be required to complete online evaluations and meet with the course directors as necessary to provide feedback.