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Expectations and Requirements Overview

Phase I

    • Complete an Interest Form (during Orientation) by August 20
    • Meet with an Associate Director one-on-one between October and December
    • Evaluate posters at the Annual Student Research Forum on December 15
    • Identify a project and mentor
    • Participate in the Annual Capstone Event as an evaluator on March 5
    • Submit MSA Comprehensive Plan Form by April 15
    • Complete an online research module by May 15

Phase II

    • Meet with your Associate Director
    • Submit an Annotated Bibliography
    • Attend a Work In Progress (WIP) session with your Associate Director between September and November

Phase III

Phase IV

    • Submit the rough draft of your paper to your Associate Director by December 15
    • Submit the Final Paper to your Associate Director by February 1
    • Deliver Capstone Presentation and participate as a peer evaluator on March 5​​​
​​**Please note that all dates are approximate and subject to change from year to year.