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MSA Capstone Presentations 2010

MSA Capstone Poster Session

 The Capstone Poster Session is the culmination of the MSA program. All graduating medical students matriculating after 2006, including students meeting the MSA requirements through the Research Track or the MSTP program, present their work in a formal poster presentation. 


Faculty members from across campus volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate the student’s posters and presentations. In addition, the students also evaluate the work of their peers; selecting a 'Student's Choice' poster(s) from each of the 5 MSA thematic areas. 


In 2014, there were 140 student presenters, 104 faculty mentors, and 60 faculty evaluators. Our goal is for each student to received faculty evaluations. If you are interested in evaluating posters during the Capstone event or would like more information, please contact the MSA program at​. The Capstone is held during the ICC 8004 course, when all 4th year medical students are on campus.  The 2014 event was March, 2014. 

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2014 MSA Capstone Program

2014 MSA Capstone Student Choice Winners:
Phase I Student Choice Presentations
Basic Science
Andrew Berry
Peter Ritchie
Clinical Science
Matthew Von Loh
Cole Wiedel
Global Health
Ashley Phipps
Humanities, Social Science and Education
Taisa Priester
Public Health and Epidemiology
Laura Sherman
Phase IV Student Choice Presentations
Basic Science
Quocan Nguyen
Clinical Science
Ryan Roth
Global Health
Sarah Kolnik
Humanities, Social Science and Education
Lauren King
Public Health and Epidemiology
Rachel Skalina