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MSA Capstone Presentations 2010

MSA Capstone Poster Session

The Capstone Poster Session is the culmination of the MSA program. All graduating medical students matriculating after 2006, including students meeting the MSA requirements through the Research Track or the MSTP program, present their work in a formal poster presentation. 

The 2018 event will be on March 1, 2018 from 12:00 to 5:00.  All School of Medicine Phase IV (Class of 2018) and Phase I students (Class of 2021) are required to attend.    ​

Faculty members from across campus volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate the student’s posters and presentations. In addition, the students also evaluate the work of their peers; selecting a 'Student's Choice' poster(s) from each of the 5 MSA thematic areas. 

In 2017, there were approximately 140 student presenters, and 50 faculty evaluators. Our goal is for each student to be visited by at least two faculty judges. If you a CU SOM faculty member and are interested in evaluating posters during the Capstone event please fill out the faculty registration form​. If you would like addition information, please contact the MSA program at​. The Capstone is held during the ICC 8004 course, when all 4th year medical students are on campus. 

Interested in becoming a faculty judge for this event? Please fill out the registration form below. 


 Capstone Student Choice Presentation Winners


Basic Science:

  Jessica Posada

  Kiara Leasia

  Zeljko Dvanajscak

Bioethics, Humanities, Arts & Education:

  Julie Dyer

  Benjamin Wisniewski

  Michael Chan

Clinical Science:

  Dan Stoll

  Sarah Wachtel

Global Health:

  Christina Cutter

  Carlie Field

Public Health & Epidemiology:

  Michael Rudolph

  Lauren Ayres

  Nathan Ansbaugh​


Basic Scien​​ce:

    Joshua Byers

Bioethics, Humanities, Arts & Education:​

    Jacob Whitsitt

    Emilee Sandsmark

    Sheaffer Gilliam

    Michael Luckow

Clinical Science:​

    Doug Brennan

    Byron Ellis

Global Health:​

    Lauren Mehner

    Carlie Field

    Chelsea Wong

Public Health & Epidemiology:​

    Kellen Sakala

    Marissa Hudak

    Marie R McKinnon

    Paul Basel

    Lauren Ayres

    Amy Nguyen​​​​

Basic Science:

Gilbert Acevedo
Leslie Palacios

Bioethics, Humanities, Arts & Education:

Toyin Akintojoye 
Sarah Allexan

Clinical Science:

Natasha Cabrera
Danielle Gonzales 
Seerat Poonia
Anne Taylor

Global Health:

Erin Lindsay
Michael Kem

Public Health & Epidemiology:​

Michelle Rybka
Rami Sidhom
Gabrielle Whitmore