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MSA Projects

Class of 2013

Student First Name Student Last Name Mentor First Name Mentor Last Name Mentor Department Project Title Thematic Area
Kellen Alstatt Michael Allen Depression Center Restraint Of Patients by EMS (ROPE) Clinical Science
Kathan Amin Dan Matlock Medicine Understanding Lack of Support for Government by Progressive Citizens Humanities, Social Science and Education
Dan Arnett Shandra Wilson Surgery The Use of In Vitro Fertilization in the Management of Male Infertility - What the Urologist Needs to Know  Update in the Adverse Events Associated with Medical Therapy for Prostate Cancer  Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Prior to Cystectomy in pT2 Patients – Think Twice?  Partial Cystectomy Followed by Radical Cystectomy - How do these patients do? Clinical Science
Everett Austin Xianzhong Meng Surgery Ghrelin: Inflammation, Injury, & Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Basic Science
Keith Baker Benzi Kluger Neurology Potential outcome measures for Parkinson's disease dementia: a systematic review Clinical Science
Daniel Balk Marian Betz Emergency Medicine Distracted Driving Habits of Emergency Department Patients Public Health and Epidemiology
William Barton Bonnie Jortberg Family Medicine Medical Student Health Behaviors at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Public Health and Epidemiology
Juri Boguniewicz Cara Mack Pediatrics High Dose IgG Therapy in Murine Biliary Atresia Results in Decreased Bile Duct Injury Through Expansion of Regulatory T Cells and Inhibition of CD4+ Th1 Cell-Mediated Inflammation Basic Science
Mark Brouillette Richard Fisher Orthopedics Orthopaedic surgery in the developing world: resources and operative volumes in Ghana Clinical Science
Eric Brown Jack Westfall Family Medicine Telephones and talk: Can motivational interviewing and scheduled phone follow-up improve health-care seeking behaviors of high-risk participants in a free community health screening? Public Health and Epidemiology
Gregory Burfeind Deb Seymour Family Medicine Primary Care and Behavioral Health Care Providers' Perspectives on Integrated Primary Care in Eastern Rural Colorado Public Health and Epidemiology
Paul Cheung Adit Ginde Emergency Medicine 1) National study of barriers to timely primary care and emergency department utilization among Medicaid beneficiaries 2) Changes in barriers to primary care and emergency department utilization. Public Health and Epidemiology
Erin Cobry Peter Chase Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes Timing of pre-meal insulin versus accurate carbohydrate counting in youth with type 1 diabetes Clinical Science
Shelley Cooper Sara Mazzoni OB/GYN Prevalence of Cervical Dysplasia Among Women in Rural Guatemala Global Health
Darren Eblovi Edwin Asturias Pediatrics The Effect of Anemia, Parasites, and Parenting Behaviors on Early Childhood Development in Southwest Guatemala Global Health
Dustin Evans Joseph Sakai Psychiatry Characterizing Sexual Risk and Prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescents with Substance Dependence Clinical Science
Ryan Farmer Evalina Burger-Van Der walt Orthopedics Histological Characterization of the Cartilaginous Endplate in the Human Spine Basic Science
Eric Fountain Anjali Dhurandhar Medicine Neuro-Behçet’s Disease: An Unusual Cause of Headache Clinical Science
Benjamin Frederick Renee King Emergency Medicine Post-Earthquake Analysis of Emergency Pre-Hospital Transportation and Establishment of Healthcare Resource Guide in Cap-Haitien, Haiti Global Health
Meagan Gold Tim Garrington MD Pediatrics PALS- Parent Allies for Love and Support: A Mentoring Program for Parents of Children with Cancer Humanities, Social Science and Education
Benjamin Hale Kendall Hunter Pediatrics Pulmonary Artery Input Impedance for Modeling Outcomes in Childhood Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Clinical Science
Richard Harbison Allen Waziri Neurosurgery Intracranial impedance measurements using a laptop soundcard impedance bridge in a porcine neurosurgical model Clinical Science
Courtenay Holscher Maureen Garrity Medicine CU’s Advisory College Program: A New Structured Advising Program Developed to Improve Student Advising, Wellness, and Sense of Community Humanities, Social Science and Education
Chloe Hughes Daniel Matlock Medicine Documenting Best Practices of Clinical Workflow in the Management of Chronic Diabetes: What Variables Affect HbA1c as a Measure of Clinical Outcomes in a Community Clinic Public Health and Epidemiology
Bjorn Irion Jack Westfall Family Medicine Footwear and Achilles Tendinopathy in Rural Student Athletes Public Health and Epidemiology
Emily Joachim Marilyn Manco-Johnson Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center The Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Polymorphism (MTHFR c.677C>T) Does Not Increase the Risks of Recurrent Thromboembolism or Elevated Plasma Homocysteine Level in a U.S. Pediatric Population Clinical Science
Allison Kimball Pepper Schedin Medicine Pregnancy Associated Breast Cancer:  What Can PD-L1 Teach Us About the  Immune Environment? Basic Science
Jessica Kohring Jeremy Long Medicine Healthcare Service Utilization, Behaviors, and Attitudes Among Active Injection Drug Users Public Health and Epidemiology
Shane Lieberman Christian Thurstone Psychiatry Medical marijuana diversion and associated problems in adolescent substance treatment. Public Health and Epidemiology
Jacob Light Venu Akuthota Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Evaluation and Modification of the Spurling Maneuver for Expanded Application in Diagnosis of Cervical Radiculopathy:  A Feasibility Study. Clinical Science
Jacqueline Linton Therese Jones Center for Bioethics and Humanities “the unfathomable ground where we walk daily…”:  Physicians, The Illness Renarrative, and the Poetry of Williams Carlos Williams and Rafael Campo Humanities, Social Science and Education
Kate Lucey Steven Federico Pediatrics Text messaging hotlines:  An innovative way to educate teens about sexual health Public Health and Epidemiology
Beth Ludwig Renee King Emergency Medicine The Implementation of Positive Deviance Model/Hearth in Cap-Haitien with Identified Endemic Malnutrition Global Health
Timothy Luebbert Almut Grenz Anesthesiology Use of a Hanging Weight System for Isolated Renal Artery Occlusion Basic Science
Brandon Morris Mark Earnest Medicine Diagnostic Errors Resulting in Patient Harm: Identification, Assessment, and Prevention Public Health and Epidemiology
Melissa Mouton Mark Earnest REACH Care Transition Metrics: A Colorado Inventory. Review of the Landscape and Considerations for Reform Public Health and Epidemiology
Tyson Oberndorfer Guido Frank Psychiatry Altered insula response to sweet taste processing after recovery from anorexia and bulimia nervosa Clinical Science
Michael Orser Robert Dellavalle Dermatology Benchmarking US Department of Veterans Affairs dermatologic services: Results from a national survey Public Health and Epidemiology
Cassandra Roeca Stephanie Teal OB/GYN Post-abortion contraception: who chooses immediate long-acting methods; and continuation and satisfaction at 6 weeks Clinical Science
Julie Simpson Simon Hambidge Pediatrics A Pilot of Text Message Reminders for Early Childhood Immunization Recall at a Safety-Net Community Clinic Public Health and Epidemiology
Ksenia  Sniegowski Karen Oegema Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Characterization of 5 Genes Implicated in the Establishment of C.elegans Eggshell Permeability: Biochemistry Tools Basic Science
Helenka Stone Eva Aagaard Medicine Refugee Health curriculum Humanities, Social Science and Education
ANDREAS THYSSEN Mimi Glode Pediatrics Eosinophilic meningitis in a child with recent travel to Kauai, Hawaii Clinical Science
Maggie Tillquist Allan Prochazka CPC  Clinical Research Cardiac crossroads: deciding between mechanical or bioprosthetic heart valve replacement Clinical Science
Spencer Tomberg Corry Robinson Rosenberg Pediatrics Autism and Developmental Disability Interaction Training for First Responders Public Health and Epidemiology
Breanna Tomlin Robert Cutillo Family Medicine Efficacy of Shared Medial Visits on Management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Underserved Populations Public Health and Epidemiology
Vadim Tsvankin Allen Waziri Neurosurgery Convective Ablation of Intratumoral Regulatory T Cells Restores Cellular Immunity and Promotes Tumor Clearance in Murine Glioma Clinical Science
Camille  Allison Jack Westfall ***Choose One*** Translating PCMH into Patient Centered Language Humanities, Social Science and Education
Richard Actis Greg Myers Anesthesiology Anesthesia Simulation at Denver Health Humanities, Social Science and Education
Shauna Seaman Ann-Christine Nyquist Pediatrics SNMA and Other Forms of Minority Student Social Support: A Systematic Review Humanities, Social Science and Education
Tyler Anderegg Jason Rhodes Orthopedics The Accuracy of Long Leg Radiographs Clinical Science
Ashley Blanchard Jennifer Reese Pediatrics Direct Admissions Are Not an Independent Risk Factor for Unplanned ICU Transfers from an Inpatient Unit within 12 Hours of Admission Clinical Science
Anthony Cappa Ferenc Puskas Anesthesiology Treatment of Acute Silicoproteinosis by Whole Lung Lavage Clinical Science
Karen Christopher Mark Petrash Ophthalmology Characterization of Activated αA-Crystallin Chaperone-Like Activity for Development of a Potential Treatment for Cataract or Protein Aggregation Disorders Basic Science
Timothy Clement Bryan Bergman Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes The Importance of Palmitoleic Acid to Adipocyte Insulin Resistance and Whole-Body Insulin Sensitivity in Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Science
Chase Dukes Mark Hammerberg Orthopedics Analysis of Usage and Assoicated Cost of External Fixators at an Urban Level 1 Trauma Center Clinical Science
David Elwell Eva Aagaard Medicine Refugees in Denver and Their Perceptions of Their Health and Healthcare Public Health and Epidemiology
Tiare Evans Marie Hastings-Tolsma OB/GYN Appendicitis in Pregnancy:  A diagnostic dilemma Clinical Science
Suzanna Fiala Therese Jones Center for Bioethics and Humanities Subjects or Objects? The Ethics of Documentary Filmmaking and the Ethics of Patient Care Humanities, Social Science and Education
Kelly Pettijohn Sara Mazzoni OB/GYN Prevalence of Cervical Dysplasia Among Women in Rural Guatemala Global Health
Amber Fouts Jean Youngwerth Medicine An Ethical Analysis of the Arguments Regarding Physician-Assisted Death Humanities, Social Science and Education
Paul Freeman Renee King Emergency Medicine Haiti Global Health
Sarah Gitomer Kenny Chan Otolaryngology Clinical Presentation of Cervical Ribs in the Pediatric Population Clinical Science
Robert Hawkins Frederick Grover Surgery Stroke and neurocognitive outcomes comparable for aortic cross-clamp with and without partial occlusion clamp for CABG in low to moderate risk patients Clinical Science
Jeff Hollis Daniel Matlock Medicine Cultural Perspectives on Hospice and Palliative Care Humanities, Social Science and Education
Victor Hsu Scott Oliver Ophthalmology Advances in Vision Preservation during Brachytherapy for Choroidal Melanoma Clinical Science
Andrew Johnson Malik Kahook Ophthalmology Two-Photon Imaging of Aqueous Outflow Structures in the Intact Mouse Eye Basic Science
Mandip KC Barry Bialek Family Medicine  Telemedicine in Nepal: A Needs Assessment of the Current State and Recommendations for Best Practice Global Health
Mara Kelly Michael Zimmerman Surgery Sirolimus Reduces the Risk of Significant Hepatic Fibrosis After Liver Transplantation for Hepatitis C Virus: a Single Center Experience Clinical Science
Brandon Konkel Allan Prochazka Medicine A unique case: Results of the implementation of IMCI strategies in Peru and implications for future efforts. Global Health
Whitney Kopp Renee King Emergency Medicine The Implementation of Positive Deviance Model/Hearth in Cap-Haitien with Identified Endemic Malnutrition Global Health
Matthew Leroue Renee King Emergency Medicine Assessing the effectiveness of using lay healthcare providers to DOTS therapy in Delhi, India: A Cohort Study Global Health
Blake Martin Sam Dominguez Pediatrics Procalcitonin in Kawasaki Disease Clinical Science
Erin McGuinn Sara Mazzoni OB/GYN Prevalence of Cervical Dysplasia Among Women in Rural Guatemala Global Health
Lisa Odom Richard Boles Pediatrics Creation of a Children’s Book  Addressing Weight Management and Lifestyle Changes Humanities, Social Science and Education
Ryan Oosthuysen Brett Reece Surgery Role of TLR-4 in the Pathogenesis of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms using a Murine CaCl2 model and Ultrasound Basic Science
Jane Park Gretchen Berggren Pediatrics The Role of the Anganwadi Worker in Polio Eradication in Bihar: From Awareness Generation to Service Delivery Global Health
Bartholomew Paull Todd Larabee Emergency Medicine Is Antagonist Muscle Training of the Elbow and Shoulder Associated with Reduced Prevalence of Elbow and Shoulder Pain in Rock Climbers? Public Health and Epidemiology
Molly Fisher Steven Federico Pediatrics Text messaging hotlines: an innovative way to educate teens about sexual health Public Health and Epidemiology
Rosemary Reidy Randy Ross Psychiatry Theory of Mind Development is Impaired in 4-year-old Children with Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Tobacco Smoking Clinical Science
Laura Romcevich Barry Bialek Family Medicine Telemedicine in Nepal: A Needs Assessment of the Current State and Recommendations for Best Practices Global Health
Steven Simon Don Rojas Psychiatry Review of magnetoencephalography and an examination of test-retest reliability of the auditory evoked gamma-band response across multiple analytical techniques Basic Science
Daniel Smith Al Barqawi Surgery Targeted Focal Therapy Used in Conjunction with Three-Dimensional Mapping Biopsies in the Treatment of Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: a 5-Year Study. Clinical Science
David Sprunger Jeff Swigris Medicine Pulmonary Fibrosis is Associated with an Elevated Risk of Thromboembolic Disease Public Health and Epidemiology
Taylor Triolo Jennifer Barker Pediatrics Multiple Autoimmune Disorders in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Science
Christine Warrick Brenda Bucklin Anesthesiology Incidence and descriptive analysis of congenital heart disease in parturients – Obstetric and anesthetic outcomes Clinical Science
Ben Wendell Aik-Choon Tan Medicine An analysis tool for correlating gene expression patterns in microarrays Basic Science
Ray Choi Eva Aagaard Center for Advancing Professional Excellence Refugee Health Humanities, Social Science and Education
Chase Yarbrough Tim Byers CU Cancer Center Smoking Legislation and Cardiovascular Mortality Public Health and Epidemiology
Chris Rogers Jeremy Long Family Medicine Developmental Disability Training for First Responders Public Health and Epidemiology
Tracy Conner Allen Waziri Neurosurgery Single-Bolus Dose Conivaptan Increases Serum Sodium and Reduces Intracranial Pressure in a Controlled Porcine Neurosurgical Model Basic Science
Tony Adams Michael Weissberg Psychiatry Have 35 Years of Educational Interventions to Improve Sleep Disorder Training in Medical School Been Effective? Clinical Science
Sarah Alber Catherine Proenza Physiology & Biophysics COLOCALIZATION OF NCX AND HCN4 IN THE MOUSE SINOATRIAL NODE   Basic Science
Mahsa Amir John Cohen Immunology Adventures of Dendy: A tale of a mighty dendritic cell and his friends. Can a graphic novel based on immunology spark interest in science among middle school readers? Basic Science
Drew Ashby Betsy Risendal CU Cancer Center Exercise after treatment, a cancer survivor wellness scoping study Public Health and Epidemiology
Hassan Azimi Thomas Robinson Surgery An Accumulation of Frailty Characteristics Are Associated with Discharge to an Institutional Care Facility Clinical Science
Ryan Barmore Laura Strom Neurology Phone Call Volume and Abandonment rates: Process Improvement in a Busy University-based Neurology Clinic Humanities, Social Science and Education
Colleen Barry David West Family Medicine Collaborative Care Between Mental Health and Primary Care Public Health and Epidemiology
David Baumgartner Mark Deutchman Family Medicine Making Cavity Free at Three:  Bringing Quality Improvement to Healthcare in Colorado Public Health and Epidemiology
Ashley Bock Chris Silliman Pediatrics α-Enolase Causes Pro-Inflammatory Activation of Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells and Primes Neutrophils through Protease-Activated Receptor Activation Basic Science
Evelyn Brosnan Ross Camidge Medicine Renal Impairment Associated with Crizotinib Treatment for ALK-positive Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Science
Nathaniel Chappelle Charles Little Emergency Medicine Disaster and Emergency preparedness in Rural Primary Care Offices in Colorado Clinical Science
Aaron Crum na na Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation The acute effects of moderately loaded concentric-only quarter squats on vertical jump performance. Basic Science
Jessica De Stigter Maribel Cifuentes Family Medicine Differential barriers to integration impacting large and small primary care practices Public Health and Epidemiology
Lauren Engel Jeffrey Sankoff Emergency Medicine Patient Handoffs in the Emergency Department: Observation and Intervention Clinical Science
Leonard Faulk Frank Chang Orthopedics Outcomes of Varus Derotational Osteotomies for Neuromuscular Hip Dysplasia in Children with Cerebral Palsy and Predictors for Re-subluxation Clinical Science
Amy Flammer Jack Westfall Family Medicine Development of a toolkit for "I on Health:" A comprehensive rural, school-based health program created using Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and PhotoVoice. Public Health and Epidemiology
Cynthia Fountain Todd Kingdom Otolaryngology Characterization and treatment of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps Clinical Science
Megan Griffiths Chad Stickrath Medicine Maximizing Teaching Effectiveness:  Predictors of Learner Satisfaction with Teaching on Rounds Clinical Science
Jeffrey Guzelian Nayana Patel Radiology Off the Hook: Retained Suture Needle in Aortic Arch Clinical Science
David Higgins Paul Wischmeyer Anesthesiology Relationship of Vitamin D Deficiency to Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients Clinical Science
avery jeffers barry bialek Family Medicine Telemedicine in Nepal: A Needs Assessment of the Current State and Recommendations for Best Practice Global Health
Anna Johanson Therese Jones Center for Bioethics and Humanities Homelessness, Health and Art: an Intimate Look at Denver and the Evolving Conversation to End Homelessness Humanities, Social Science and Education
ANDREAS THYSSEN Ed Janoff Medicine HUMANITIES, ADVOCACY AND PUBLIC POLICY: Vehicles to Change the Medical Landscape Humanities, Social Science and Education
Ian Justl Ellis Todd Baldini Orthopedics Biomechanical Evaluation of the Effect of Coracoid Tunnel Size on Load to Failure of Fixation during Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstruction Basic Science
Claire  Kim Robert Feinstein Psychiatry Crisis Intervention Psychotherapy: A Review and Step-by-Step Guide Humanities, Social Science and Education
Haley Landwehr Anne Lynch OB/GYN Mental Health Disease in a Cohort of Women Receiving Prenatal Care at the University of Colorado Hospital Public Health and Epidemiology
Jill Lange Kristina Tocce OB/GYN Etonogestrel Implant Failure After 25-months of Use in a Woman Taking Carbamazepine Clinical Science
Morgan  Lauer Jack Westfall Family Medicine Cavity Free at Three - A Training Module for Healthcare Providers Public Health and Epidemiology
Ramya Mishra Renee King Emergency Medicine Operation ASHA Tuberculosis Treatment Using DOTS Protocol and Community Involvement: A Retrospective Chart Review Global Health
Forrest Monroe Helen MacFarlane Family Medicine Student-Created Wiki for Collaborative Medical Education Humanities, Social Science and Education
Erica Morse Sara Mazzoni OB/GYN Prevalence of Cervical Dysplasia Among Women in Rural Guatemala Global Health
Jennifer Murphy Sarah Parker Pediatrics Adverse Drug Events in a Pediatric Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) Program Clinical Science
Mary  Nevrivy Dan Matlock Medicine Heart Failure and Hospice: A Qualitative Assessment Clinical Science
Melissa Noble Chad Stickrath Medicine Attending Rounds in the Current Era: What is Not Happening Humanities, Social Science and Education
Elisabeth O'Doherty Eva Aagaard Medicine Faculty Development Needs Assesment Survey Humanities, Social Science and Education
Kara Palanuk Rita Lee Medicine Effectiveness of community-based adolescent HIV risk reduction programs in the United States Public Health and Epidemiology
Adam Plate Jen Bellows Emergency Medicine CU Peru 5 year Strategic Plan: Building organizational stability and sustainability while developing community health advocates in the Loreto region of Peru. Global Health
Michelle Rappaport Brandon Combs Medicine Clinicians rarely make changes in treatment following monitoring densitometry in women on therapy for low bone mineral density Public Health and Epidemiology
Nathaniel Reich Rita Lee Medicine Review Of Cultural Competency In Regards To Mental Health Disparities Among The LGBT Population Public Health and Epidemiology
Zachary Robinson Glenn Furuta Pediatrics Esophageal human beta-defensin expression in eosinophilic esophagitis Clinical Science
Aaron Shupp Barry Bialek Family Medicine Telemedicine in Nepal: Its Current State and its Use as a Means of Improving Provider Retention and Medical Education Global Health
Andrea Smith Jenn Leiferman Psychiatry Psychosocial Mediators to Physical Activity During the Perinatal Period: A Review of the Literature Public Health and Epidemiology
Gregory Smith Nancy Hadley-Miller Orthopedics Genetics of Idiopathic Scoliosis: Investigating SFI1 in Cohort of Adolescent Males with Severe Curvatures Basic Science
Frances Tepolt Nancy Miller Orthopedics Posterior Sternoclavicular Joint Injuries in the Adolescent Population: A Systematic Review and Case Series Clinical Science
Livia Tsien Ingrid Binswanger Medicine I Need a Refill, Doc: Challenges Facing Primary Care Physicians Prescribing Chronic Opioids Clinical Science
Lindy Vanlandingham Renee King Emergency Medicine The Implementation of Positive Deviance Model/Hearth in Cap-Haitien with Identified Endemic Malnutrition Global Health
Thomas Webb Leonard Seltz Pediatrics Design and Pilot Testing of a Novel Curriculum on Contemporary Slavery and Human Trafficking for Denver Area Schools Global Health
Jason Yost Mark Deutchman Family Medicine “Addressing Occupational and Environmental Health  and Safety Issues Relevant to Rural Medical Providers,” Public Health and Epidemiology
Jason Zhao Fred Hirsch CU Cancer Center EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor response in NSCLC Clinical Science