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Teacher Learner Agreement

The School of Medicine's standards of conduct for the teacher learner relationship.

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Preceptor Experience

The preceptor portion of the Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum is an opportunity for medical student to gain clinical experience early on in medical school.  It  allows them to practice the physical exam and communication skills they are learning in the other areas of our curriculum and exposes them to physician role models early in their educational experience. There has been growing emphasis in medical education on promoting the professional values that are at the core of what it means to be a physician, and our volunteer preceptors do a phenomenal job demonstrating this for our students.

General Description:
Students spend one 4 hour period per week about 2-3 times per month with a preceptor during their first three years of medical school. In the first couple years, the majority of the students are paired with a pediatrician, internist, family medicine, or an emergency medicine physician where they can practice their basic communication and physical exam skills. Students do have the opportunity to change to a specialist preceptor in their third year for career exploration purposes.

At the end of each semester, preceptors are asked to evaluate students’ performance, this evaluation is counted towards the students overall grade for the Foundations of Doctoring Course.

For more information please see our full Preceptor Guide​.

If you are interested in signing up to be a preceptor through Foundations of Doctoring please fill out a faculty profile form​, this form will be submitted to our Foundations of Doctoring office and we will contact you.

Preceptor Opportunities

We truly appreciate all the effort our volunteer preceptors put in to their important roles and we try to show them appreciation as much as we are able. Our preceptors are given a unique plaque inscribed with University of Colorado School of Medicine logo when they sign up through Foundations of Doctoring and are given a nameplate for each 1st or 2nd year student they precept through our course each year. We have a preceptor recognition activity annually where students have the opportunity to spend time with their preceptors outside of the clinical setting and the School of Medicine recognizes them for their unique efforts. See list of winners/pictures from our Golden Stethoscope Preceptor Awards Banquet​. Lastly we provide access to a unique educational resource area, the University of Colorado School of Medicine Academy of Medical Educators. Preceptors have full access to all of the online educational articles as well as full access to ANY of the faculty development seminars on teaching through the University of Colorado Faculty Affairs Office.