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Integrated Clinicians Course (ICC) Attendance Policy

University of Colorado School of Medicine

  • University of Colorado School of Medicine

    Integrated Clinician Course (ICC) Attendance Policy

    ·       Attendance is mandatory at all Integrated Clinician Courses and Sessions, unless specifically stated on the course syllabus.

    ·       Voluntary and involuntary absences should be requested in advanced. Please email your request to Jeff Druck MD, ICC Director, and include all pertinent information in your request. 

    ·       Voluntary absences should be planned for times when courses are not in session (holidays and course breaks). Voluntary absences are generally not permitted, but unique circumstances may be discussed with the Assistant Dean. Requests must be put in writing and reasonable documentation is required.

    ·       Make-up assignment completion is required for all absences – voluntary and involuntary (see remediation policy below). Make-up assignment plans will be developed by the course director in conjunction with the student.

    ·       Students missing required sessions/exams at the CAPE will be responsible for rescheduling the session/exam with the CAPE (A student with a voluntary absence who does not communicate their situation to course directors ahead of time may be responsible for accruing the costs involved in CAPE rescheduling and testing. Other mandatory sessions may require similar costs. Inability to reschedule and complete required session/exams at CAPE may result in the disqualification to take USMLE Step 2 CK or CS and/or disqualification to take fourth year medical school courses.

    ·       For any absence lasting more than two days, the Assistant Dean may work with the student regarding scheduling, remediation assignments, and issues regarding credit, etc.

    Definition of Involuntary and Voluntary Absences*

    Involuntary Absences:serious illness, family illness, jury duty, and academic difficulties
    Voluntary Absences:weddings, travel, local or national meetings, etc.

    Make-up Assignment Policy

    ·        The purpose of the make-up assignment is to gain competency and meet learning objectives of the missed curriculum.

    ·        Make-up requirements and assignments will be determined by the ICC Directors. When possible, students will be provided with remediation options.

    ·        Students missing sessions/exams at the CAPE can only make-up the session by rescheduling and completing the missed session/exam at the CAPE.

    ·        Until all make-up assignments are complete the student will receive an IP grade.

    * School of Medicine general policies on attendance, sick leave, vacations and leaves of absence are described in the Academic Policies and Procedures handbook under “Attendance Policies.”​