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Disease and Defense Block


This 10 week course in the Spring semester covers principles of biometrics, pharmacology, pathology and infectious disease. Topics include mechanisms of tissue damage and repair. Dermatology is presented as an “Organ System”, including structural and function, pathology, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Block Directors:
Ron Gill, PhD
Bruce McCollister, MD

Suzanne Waffle (303-724-2070)

Course objectives

    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of pharmacologic principles.
    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of microbiologic principles.
    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of pathologic principles.
    • Understand major categories of human disease (infection, inflammation, neoplasia) and describe their pathophysiology, pathology, and examples of diseases and their treatments in each category.
    • Use the basic principles learned in the first part of the course to apply to the study of the largest organ in the body, the skin. Students will be able to list infectious, inflammatory, and neoplastic skin diseases and describe appropriate diagnostic plans and treatment for these conditions.