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Phase I & II Electives

Pu​rpose of Phase I and II Electives

​Electives in the first two years of medical school supplement the required courses and provide additional experiences that allow for career exploration and support the diverse interests of our students.

Electives Offered
~50 different electives currently available to students in the first tw​o years of medical school!
  • Career electives to explore fields like dermatology, orthopedics, urology
  • Mission Medical Clinic - Free clinic in Colorado Springs. Students will serve as volunteer clinicians by providing mentored primary care to adults lacking medical insurance.
  • Student run clinics – Warren Village Healthy Beginnings Clinic cares for pediatric patients.
  • Electives for the different tracks – LEADS, Urban Underserved, Global Health, Rural, Research, etc.
  • A broad range of other electives including: Culinary Medicine, The Healers Art, Literature, Art and Medicine, Refugee Health, Clinical Ultrasound, and Mindful Living​
  • Electives in the first two years are NOT required for graduation and the units obtained don’t count toward graduation. Phase I & II electives should supplement the required courses and provide additional experiences that allow for career exploration and support the diverse interests of our students. Remember that your primary goal needs to be focusing on the Essential Core.
  • No added tuition to take electives.
  • Electives are offered each semester (fall phase I, spring phase I, summer phase I, fall phase II, spring phase II)
  • Although each academic semester has a pre-set add/drop deadline, a student may drop an elective without penalty up to 7 days after the first offering of the elective. If this drop occurs within the standard add/drop period, the student drops the course in CU-SIS. If the drop occurs after the standard add/drop period, the appropriate form with approval from the course director must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Life.
  • Katie Watts in the Office of Student Life oversees registration.
  • Phase I students register for Fall electives later in the semester and will start the electives after Human Body has concluded.  
  • Electives cannot have required sessions during the step I study time at the end of second year.
    Students may not enroll in electives if they are on probation. The promotion committee may elect to limit electives for students on Academic Warning but that is done on a case-by-case basis.
How to Regi​ster for Electives

The University registrar opens the Elective Add/Drop period on a specific date each semester. Registration is only available through the web. Each semester you will receive a list of electives with information needed to register. This includes the course name, any special instructions, contact information for the faculty/coordinators and any course requirements. You are responsible for contacting the course coordinator after you register to obtain information about the specific schedule for the course.

If you are a student course leader, please find the course and register for the course with the location AMC-Leadership.

If you wish to drop a course after the close of the official period you will need to contact Tai Lockspeiser  and course director to receive drop approval.

Please contact Katie Watts (​) if you have issues with registration.

Student FAQ
How many electives should I take?
There are no specific maximums to the number of electives that a student can/should take. However, students often sign up for more electives than they can handle because they are all so interesting. A good rule of thumb for the number of electives to take is:
  • Fall Phase I: 1 elective
  • Spring Phase I: 2 electives
  • Fall Phase II: 2 electives
  • Spring Phase II: 1 elective
How much time will I spend in a given elective? 

The time commitment and schedule of each elective varies. Review the course book to determine when the course is offered and how it fits into other activities in your schedule. 

How do I decide which electives to take? 
Electives are meant to broaden your medical school experience, support your career development and strengthen your interests.  Think carefully about what your specific goal for enrolling in each elective is. Consider the following questions:
  • What do I hope to gain by doing this elective?
  • Why is this elective important to me now vs. waiting until later in my training?
  • Will I have other opportunities in medical school to gain these skills?
  • Make sure to consider your other extracurricular activities in determining how many electives to take or which electives to take. 


What happens if I need to Drop an elective after the Add/Drop period?

Students have until the first date of scheduled elective to drop the course. After attending the first scheduled date of the elective, the student must contact Tai Lockspeiser with an explanation on why he/she needs to drop the elective. If the request to drop is not completed in a timely manner, this could result in a grade of “W” (withdraw) on your transcript.

Where do I go if I need more information?



Oasis Scheduling System

Registration Instructions