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Assessment and Grading

Shelf score:

A shelf score of 75 must be achieved in order to be considered for honors. In order to be eligible for a grade of high pass, the student must achieve a minimum grade of 70. Below is a table which displays the percentage points that will be awarded based on the score a student obtains on the shelf exam. The lowest score to be obtained on the shelf exam and still pass the clerkship is 60 out of 100.

History & Physical write-up score:

During the rotation students will be required to submit two H&P write-ups, which will be graded by an attending or preceptor. The evaluation form for the write-ups has 5 likert scoring components, ranging from 1-5. The table below is a description of how the percentage points are awarded for the H&P write-ups.

Ethics Assignment Score:

During the midpoint session, each student will participate in case-based small group discussions.  Each student will need to prepare an outline of an ethical dilemma stemming from an experience that he/she was involved with during the Women’s Care clerkship.  Specific instructions for the outline can be found under the “Ethics Curriculum” tab of the syllabus and on CANVAS.  Please bring this outline to the midpoint ethics session and submit it to your ethics session preceptor.  You will receive a score for your outline and participation in the small group discussion.  A 6/10 is a passing score.  Any assignment scoring below this must be revised to a passing effort.  One point will be deducted for every week that the assignment is late.  Assignments that do not outline a “right vs. a right” scenario will also need to be rewritten.  Assignments that need to be revised or redone can receive a maximum score of 6/10

Clinical Evaluations:

The clinical evaluations represent 65% of the overall grade. The evaluation form has 13 criteria with 6 likert components ranging from 1-6. The percentage points students are awarded for the clinical evaluations is based on an average or mean score of all evaluations completed by residents and attendings. This mean score is then converted to a percentage point total by using a conversion table. Students must score at least an average of 3 to pass the course.

The conversions of the average (mean) score of evaluations: * At Denver Health, the clinical score is determined by: 1) Comprehensive faculty evaluation (50%) and 2) Resident Evaluations (50%).