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4-Week Clinical Experience

Most physicians will practice psychiatry, no matter their specialty. Therefore, the aim of the Department of Psychiatry is to prepare students to be able to evaluate, refer or initiate treatment for common psychiatric problems. The Psychiatric Care (PC) Clerkship builds on what students have learned - and learned how to do – during the psychiatry sequence in years one and two. Students will continue to practice the brief psychiatric interview and psychiatric screens outlined in the CU ASSESSMENT OF COMMON PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS whether on inpatient or outpatient units or working with children, adolescents or adults.
PC ​Goals (PDF with objectives)​
  • Develop skills, knowledge & attitudes necessary to perform a psychiatric assessment consistent with level of training.
  • Develop skills to help patients identify current major concern(s), their adaptive and mal-adaptive behaviors and improve patients’ insight into their current situation.
  • Develop skills, knowledge & attitudes to construct and communicate a prioritized differential diagnosis and preliminary treatment plan consistent with level of training.
  • Develop professional behaviors necessary for care of psychiatric patients.