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Assessment and Grading

Blocks follow the UCSOM Phase III Student Assessment Policy. 

We ask attendings to consider all of the following when providing your written evaluation.

  • Please tell us how your student’s performance compares with students at this level of training.
  • Areas for comment are QUALITY OF:
      • ​Motivation and work ethic
      • ​Responsibility for patient care
      • ​Fund of knowledge
      • ​Interviewing skills including alliance building
      • ​Presentations, write-ups & notes
      • ​Assessments and differentials
      • ​Treatment plans
      • ​Work in team settings
      • ​Self-directed learning
      • ​Leadership
      • If appropriate, “below the line comments” about areas for improvement

A Grading Committee will be used to determine final grades. A maximum of 20% of students can receive Honors and 20% can receive High Pass. There is an option to increase the number of students in Honors/High Pass categories at the year-end review; however, the total combined assignment of Honors and High Pass must not exceed 50%.

Grades and overall RIME performance are determined by block directors + grading committee  based on written evaluations of clinical performance, attending RIME evaluations, conversations with supervising physicians, exam scores, project work, completion of direct observation forms, and professionalism. 

The Grading Committee completes a final valuation that will include a clinical grade, exam scores; RIME scale performance, final grade and a composite of the written comments from your assigned attending physician.

If you would like additional attendings or residents to send us written evaluation of your work, please provide their names so she can send them the evaluation forms.

Block Coordinators will send a copy of your final assessment to you and the Office of Student Affairs via email within 4 weeks of the completion of the block.

The following grades are possible: Honors (H), High Pass (HP), Pass (P) and Fail (F), as well as Interim Pass (IP), Incomplete (I) and Pass with Remediation (PR).  All grades remain permanently on your transcript except IP and I, which are replaced with the appropriate grade after you have completed the course. 

In Psychiatry your grade is composed in the following way:

Clinical performance. The Grading Committee reviews assessments of performance – primarily from your attending - and assigns a clinical grade of H, HP, P, or F.  We ask attendings not to suggest grades.

Completion of psychiatric screens, Direct Observation Forms, reflective writings, attendance of reflective writing groups, attendance of Essentials of Psychiatry, midpoint evaluation completion and attendance at your clinical sites are required to pass.  None of the above are graded, but all are requirements.

A final grade of Honors requires H for clinical work and at least an 83 on the NBME shelf exam; High Pass requires a HP clinical grade and at least a 79 on the shelf; Pass requires a P for clinical work and at least a score of 60 on the shelf. 

In May 2017 we re-evaluate grade distribution. At that point some grades may be raised.

If you score below 60 on the shelf but receive a robust clinical evaluation, you will have the opportunity to take a make-up shelf examination. If you fail the shelf and your clinical evaluation is marginal, you will have to repeat the rotation