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Texts and References

Anesthesiology:  You will be loaned Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology by Chu and Fuller for use during the course. It must be returned at the time of the written exam. Lost books cost $90.


Suggested Readings:  Sections I and XI. Chapters 8, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 45, 48, 49, 87, 89. Appendix B and C. 


Chapters 47 and 51 are helpful, but not required.



Please realize that information in most large textbooks was submitted at least two years prior to publication. You will profit most by reading a smaller text, reviewing lecture notes, and using the larger texts and recent journals for references.

Students are encouraged to read or purchase the paperback copy of the text Current Diagnosis and Treatment Surgery, (Lange Current Series).


Suggested Textbooks

CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Surgery (LANGE CURRENT Series)

Gerard M. Doherty, MD, 13th Edition, 2009, McGraw (Amazon Price, New, $71)

(Kindle Edition, $68)


Essentials of General Surgery

Peter F. Lawrence, MD, et al, Fifth Edition, 2012, Lippincott (Amazon Price, New, $56)


Surgical Recall

Lorne E. Blackbourne, MD, Sixth Edition, 2011, Lippincott (Amazon Price, New, $45)

(Kindle Edition, $43)


Advanced Surgical Recall

Lorne H. Blackbourne, MD, Third Edition, 2007, Lippincott (Amazon Price, New, $46)


Other Suggested Textbooks

Abernathy’s Surgical Secrets

Harken and Moore, Sixth Edition, 2009, Elsevier/Mosby (Amazon Price, New, $34)

(Kindle Edition, $26)


Fundamentals of Surgery

John E. Niederhuber, MD (ed.), 1998, Appleton & Lange (Amazon Price, New, $12)


Understanding Surgical Disease – The Miami Manual of Surgery

Mark G. McKenny, MD, Patrick C. Mangonon, MD, 1998, Lippincott-Raven

(Amazon Price, New $21)


Current Surgical Therapy

Cameron and Cameron, 11th Edition, 2013, Elsevier/Mosby (Amazon Price, New, $182)

(Kindle Edition, $126) 


Essentials of Surgical Specialties

Peter F. Lawrence, MD, 3rd edition, 2006, Lippincott (Amazon Price, New, $56)

(Kindle Edition, $54) 


Suggested References

Greenfield’s Surgery: Scientific Principles and Practice

Mulholland, Lillemoe, et al, 5th edition, 2010, Lippincott (Amazon Price, New, $192)

(Kindle Edition, $182)


Sabiston’s Textbook of Surgery

Townsend, et al, 19th Edition, 2012, Elsevier/Saunders, (Amazon Price, New, $119)

(Kindle Edition, $112)

Available as an e-book from Health Sciences Library


Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery

Brunicardi, et al, Ninth Edition, 2009 (Amazon Price, New, $171)

(Kindle Edition, $154)