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Assessment and grading

The major goal of this rotation is to learn how to assess patients with neurologic symptoms so that they can be appropriately diagnosed and treated.

WARD AND CLINIC PERFORMANCE: Students will be evaluated on ward and clinic performance by an inpatient service attending in consultation with other attending physicians as well as neurology residents.

WRITTEN EXAMINATION: The examination, given on the last day of the rotation, is the NBME Clinical Neurology exam.

FINAL GRADE: Final course grade breakdown:

  • Clinical Evaluations on the wards and in the clinics = 75%
  • Written examination = 20%
  • Participation (Observation forms, NIHSS certification, CAPE, etc.) = 5%

Please note clinical assessment is a collaborative decision which includes an attending physician and our faculty grading committee. The grading committee will use feedback/assessments from residents and other faculty you will have worked with on rotation at your assigned site.​