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Assessment and Grading


This is a PASS/FAIL 2 week block. Grades consist of the following components:

    • Mid block case presentation (small group session) attendance and presentation – scheduled on either Wednesday or Thursday of the first week of the session (check your email for the date, time, and location)
    • Clinical evaluations by preceptors

We assign your evaluations; you are NOT responsible for obtaining these. However, if you work with someone and you wish this person to evaluate you, please contact Mariama via email (

    • Passing the written examination with a grade of 60 or higher.
    • Completion of the patient log on your handheld logger.
    • Completion of the required case and quiz on Blackboard
    • Completion of the physical examination sign-off sheet

If you fail one component, you will fail the course if you do not arrange a way to make this up. One re-examination is allowed. Remediation of other components is on a case-by-case basis.