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Schedule & Syllabus

Scheduling within block: This block consists of one 8 week course. It is divided into two 4-week segments with 1 Intrasession day held on Friday of the 4th week.

Week 1 Weeks 2-4



Week 5 Weeks 6-8 Written Exam
Orientation Day 1 Clinical Duties 1 day (no clinical work) Site Orientation Day 1 Clinical Duties 1 day

Orientation: Occurs on day one of week 1 at 8 am and lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours. During orientation, students are introduced to the course objectives and required project work. This is followed by a site specific orientation delivered by the Chief Medical Residents at the sites to orient students to the location, team structure and schedule. This is immediately followed by clinical care duties. A second site based orientation is delivered on the first day at the new site (occuring on Monday of week 5).

Communication: Most of our clerkship communication is done via email. It is the students’ responsibility to check email daily for clerkship updates.

Syllabus:  Please refer to the HAC Syllabus ​for course objectives and requirements, student expectations, and general information regarding the HAC clerkship.