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Schedule & Syllabus

Scheduling within block: This block consists of one 8 week course. It is divided into two 4-week segments with 1 intra-session day held on the Friday of the 4th week.


Week 1 Monday

Weeks 1-4



4th Friday

Week 5

Weeks 5-8

Last Friday of the block

Clerkship Orientation 7:30-10:45


Introduction   to CXRs, Individualized Learning Goals



Site Orientation 1:00

Clinical Duties

½ day clinical work and ½ day didactics

Site Orientation

Clinical Duties

Shelf Exam 

2 hours 

and 45 minutes



Orientation: Occurs on the first day of the clerkship from 7:30am-12:00 pm. During orientation, students are introduced to the course objectives and required project work. Orientation includes an introductory session covering interpretation of chest radiographs.  This is followed by the Individualized Learning Goals session, a session dedicated to optimizing self-directed and lifelong learning.  This is followed by a site-specific orientation delivered by the Chief Medical Resident or Site Director at each site to orient students to the location, team structure and schedule. This is immediately followed by clinical care duties. A second site-based orientation is delivered on the first day at the new site (Monday of week 5).


The Individualized Learning Goals session creates a framework to assist with the development of lifelong learning, goal setting, and making the most of feedback.  Multiple short “check-in” sessions have been created to assist students with improvement on their goals. 


Communication:  Most of our clerkship communication is done via email.  It is the students’ responsibility to check email daily for clerkship updates. 


Syllabus:  Please refer to the HAC Syllabus​for course objectives and requirements, student expectations, and general information regarding the HAC clerkship.