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Students are required to report on time for each of their scheduled clinical shifts and didactic sessions. The clerkship was designed with the goal of making every experience an integral part of their learning as this is only a 2 week clerkship. Because of the brevity of the course, it is very difficult to arrange makeup sessions. Students therefore are expected to have full attendance of all required sessions and complete assignments by the end of the clerkship. An unexcused absence or task incompletion will result in a grade other than Pass.

    1. Emergency department shifts
      • Each student is assigned to clinical shifts in an emergency department (ED) on a rotating schedule of days and/or evenings. There is no call for this rotation. Students must attend all shifts.
    2. Ambulance shift
      • Students will be scheduled for one ambulance shift during the clerkship with a local EMS provider. Additional shifts may be available for interested students.
    3. Triage shift
      • Students will be assigned to work directly with the triage nurse in the Emergency Department for 2 hours.
    4. Required didactic sessions
      • There are two blocks of required didactic sessions for all medical students and 3 sessions distributed throughout your clerkship.
      Session 1 Orientation/Intro to EM (1-1.5 hours)
      Disaster Medicine Tabletop Exercise (1.5 hours)
      Site specific orientation (30 min- 1 hour)
      Session 2 PBL case--Trauma (1.5 hours)
      Access to Care Project discussion (10-15 minutes)
      PBL case- Fever (2 hours)
      Sessions by the UH and/or TCH teaching services Altered Mental Status (1 hour)
      Splinting Workshop (1 hour)
      The Poisoned Patient/Toxicology (1 hour)
    5. Required Simulation/Standardized Patient Exercise
      • Students will participate in case simulations at the CAPE which is located in the Education 1 Building, 4th floor. Each student will be expected to participate in the case, and must do so in order to complete course requirements. An educational debriefing session will occur at the end of the case. The case does not contribute towards the calculation of the final grade.
    6. Threads Assignment: Access to Care and the Uninsured
      • Students will identify barriers to care for an uninsured or underinsured patient, or a patient with another issue that might adversely affect his or her access to health care while in the emergency department and turn in a write-up at the end of the clerkship.
    7. Required Reading
      • Students will be loaned the textbook, An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine by Mahadevan and Garmel in order to complete their required and supplemental readings during the clerkship.
    8. Written Exam
      • Students will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete a proctored, 40 question, multiple-choice written exam; contents will be covered in the didactic sessions and readings in the course. A score of 70% or higher is needed to pass.