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2-Week Clinical Experience

The Emergency Care (EC) Clerkship is a 2-week required Phase III clerkship in emergency and urgent care. Students will learn about assessment and management of patients in an emergency department setting.​

Our vision for the EC Clerkship is to expose students to the pre-hospital and emergency medicine environment to allow students to better understand the challenges for patients and providers to provide outstanding clinical care to patients who are in need of acute medical care.  Our mission is to provide a dynamic, integrated curriculum of clinical care experiences, education sessins, and self-study modules to enable students to successfully complete the requirements for this clerkship.

Core Clinical Conditions
EC Goa​ls (PDF with objectives)​
  • Develop knowledge and skills to gather a history and perform a physical exam on a patient presenting with an urgent/emergent complaint.
  • Develop knowledge to provide a prioritized “worst-first” differential diagnosis after gathering history and performing exam on patient presenting with an EC complaint.
  • Recommend appropriate diagnostic tests and interpret results for a presenting patient complaint.
  • Perform effective oral presentations and summaries of a patient presenting to the emergency department.
  • Communicate effectively when transitioning care responsibility to another healthcare provider or when consulting other healthcare specialties.
  • Recognize the critically ill patient requiring immediate care and intervention and immediately seek upper-level assistance.
  • Communicate effectively and empathetically with patients and families.
  • Effectively communicate and participate within an inter-professional team (ED care team).
  • Develop an understanding regarding the limits and range of pre-hospital treatment options, including disaster operations.