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Contact Info:


Todd Guth, MD

Mobile: 303-815-8835

Kelley Roswell, MD
Mobile: 720-270-1362

Assistant Director

Mike Overbeck, MD

Coordinator Email: Emergencycare

Phone: 720-848-6793

Fax: 303-724-2056


Assessment and Grading

As mandated by the University of Colorado SOM, students must achieve a passing grade on all portions of the course to pass the course. Two week clinical clerkships are graded on a pass/fail basis only. No High Pass or Honors grades are given. An Incomplete grade may be assigned for any missing paperwork or if requirements are unmet after the original course end date. A PR grade will be assigned if any portion of the clerkship requires remediation in order to pass. Refer to the University of Colorado Medical School Transcript Symbols and Definitions (link). Students who are at risk for failing the clinical portion of the course will receive mid-course feedback if possible. The clerkship grade, along with evaluator comments, will be emailed to students as soon as the grades for the block are completed. Grading in the course will be based on the following algorithm:

Clinical grade 50%*
Written exam 20%
Access to care project: 10%
PBL cases: 10% each for a total of 20%

* Clinical Grade/Evaluations: Clinical evaluations will be provided by 3 different physicians, at least one of whom is an attending physician. Evaluations will be done through New Innovations and evaluators will receive an email from Ms. Hutchins after the clerkship regarding the evaluation request.