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Adult Ambulatory Care and Rural & Community Care Blocks

MSIII 8-Week Clinical Experience


During this 8-week clinical experience, students will learn the elements of patient-centered clinical care and apply it to all patient interactions. We want the students to see how family care, community care, and chronic care is provided. The range of ages, conditions, care settings, and acuity of problems is what sets this educational experience apart.


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  1. Appropriately assess and develop management plans for patients who present with symptoms or problems commonly seen in community primary care.
  2. Identify recommended preventive services and health promotion opportunities for different groups of patients at risk.
  3. Demonstrate using each encounter to enhance the Doctor-Patient relationship.
  4. Incorporate knowledge of communities/culture/context in order to understand their effects on health and illness and use that knowledge in the assessment and planning of care.
  5. Demonstrates professional attributes and recognize those clinical situations where student’s knowledge/skills are inadequate, and pursue adult learning methods to improve that situation.




Director: Kelly White, MD    Director:    Caroline LeClair, DO
  303.724.1798   303.724.0975 
Coordinator: Liv Lindenberg    Coordinator: Steven Cruse
  Office: 303.724.1798   Office: 303.724.0975
  Fax: 303.724-1799​   Fax: 303.724.0977​ 
       Education   Skoretz, Yvonne, EdD, EdS., MEd
       Specialist: 303.724.5061



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