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Sub-Internship courses are designed to prepare students for their internships. All medical students are required to complete a minimum of one sub-internship course. There are twenty-two courses that meet the minimum requirements of a sub-internship.

    1. The clerkship must be at the 8000 level and a minimum of 4 weeks in duration with at least two-thirds of the time devoted to hospitalized patients.
    2. The student must assume primary patient care responsibility for each hospitalized patient assigned. Primary care responsibilities are defined as completing all documentation on the patient, writing orders, presenting to attendings to determine the medical course, and talking to consultative services when needed.
    3. The student must take primary call similar to the intern on the team. The following courses that meet the minimum requirements for Sub-Internships.


These Sub-Internship courses meet the University of Colorado School of Medicine requirement for graduation.​


Course #

Course Title

ANES 8001

Surgery Intensive Care Sub-I

FMMD 8002

Fam Med Sub-I Univ Hosp

FMMD 8016

Sub-I at Colorado FMRs

MEDS 8001

Medicine Sub-Internship

​MEDS 8002

​Hospital Medicine Sub-I

MEDS 8034

Sub-I Crit Care St Joseph

NSUR 8014

Neurosurgery Sub-I

OBGY 8000

General Obstetrics Sub-I

OBGY 8001

General Gynecology Sub-I

OBGY 8004

High Risk Maternal/Fetal Sub-I

OBGY 8005

Gynecologic Oncology Sub-I

OBGY 8012

UH Gyn Sub-Internship

ORTH 8000

Orthopaedic Surgery Sub-I

PEDS 8000

Pediatric Sub-Internship

PEDS 8015

Pediatric Neonatology Sub-I

PEDS 8027

Pediatric ICU Sub-I

SURG 8000

Gen Surg Sub-I Univ Hosp

SURG 8001

Gen Surg Sub-I DHMC

SURG 8002

Gen Surg Sub-I St Joseph

SURG 8008

Cardiothoracic Surg Sub-I

SURG 8012

Urology Sub-Internship

SURG 8021

Surgical Critical Care Sub-I



These Sub-Internship courses DO NOT meet the University of Colorado School of Medicine requirement for graduation.

Course #

Course Title

MEDS 8026

Medical Oncology

MEDS 8037

Critical Care UH

PSYM 8000

Advanced Adult Inpatient Psychiatry

SURG 8010

Burn Critical Care/Surg