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Medical Education Technology Alliance

The Medical Education Technology Alliance (META) is the office of Educational Technology working with partners and collaborators to provide technology support and leadership to medical students, faculty and all of undergraduate medical education. The core members include Helen Macfarlane, Vaquero Cooper and Matt Cook.

The core team

Helen Macfarlane

Helen was trained as a medical illustrator at Johns Hopkins University and came to the School of Medicine to create materials for medical student learning. This started her journey into education technology, leading to her position as Director of Education Technology in Undergraduate Medical Education. Helen enjoys volunteering her time working on the Mini Med School each Fall. (Medical student volunteers are always needed, please email if you are interested!)
Helen's contact info is and 303-724-7738.


Vaquero Cooper

Vaquero manages the databases and data for all of UME, develops and manages applications and supports the people who support teaching and learning. His email address is, and his phone number is 303-724-1937.


Matthew Cook

Matt is the newest member of the META team. He has been in academic technology for several years and is new to Colorado. He can be reached at​ and his phone number is 303-724-4587.

What we do for you

META will provide the following technology support for students

    1. Laptop repair on site and facilitation of manufacturer repair when necessary.
    2. Guidance on best practices for student personal computer use.
    3. Support for third party vendor tools required for medical student curriculum.
    4. Recommendations of smart phone technology to meet student needs and campus requirements.
    5. Support of audience response system and clicker distribution and collection.
    6. Training and coordination of IT student assistants.
    7. Support and troubleshooting for students taking quizzes or exams in Blackboard.

META will provide the following educational technology support and training for Blocks

    1. The medical education IT support team will coordinate with each Essentials Core block. The IT support team will be the point of contact for all educational technology classroom support needs for the block. Block directors also have support from ESS and the medical education IT support team can assist with interfacing with ESS.
    2. The medical education IT support team will contact the block directors one month prior to the start of the block to schedule a meeting prior to the start of the block. At this meeting, the educational technology needs of the block will be discussed and documented (see attached form.) This includes all educational technology needs for your course.
    3. The medical education IT support team will meet with the block directors as requested throughout the block.
    4. The medical education IT support team will meet with the block directors after the completion of the block for feedback and planning for the next year.

Logistics for e-curriculum and curriculum support
The medical education IT support team will:

    1. Arrange for requested educational technology faculty/staff development sessions.
    2. Work directly with ESS to arrange for the required computer equipment (LCD projector, speakers, etc) and applications for each small group room and lecture hall.
    3. Load all required files onto small group laptops prior to the session if the files are provided at least 24 hours in advance of the session.
    4. Train IT Support Students for each small group.
    5. Hand out and collect laptops for each small group session requiring laptops.
    6. Work directly with the block directors to upload student scores into the Blackboard Grade Center.
    7. Download (as needed) scores from the Turning Point system to include in the Blackboard Grade Center if the answers are included in the presentation.
    8. Set up Panopto, the campus lecture capture system, in appropriate Blackboard course.
    9. Provide Ilios course maintenance, support and development.
    10. Provide faculty training in educational technology tools in person and online.
    11. Assist with the development of learning modules and other technology enabled learning experiences, as requested.

How to get in touch



Location: Anschutz Medical Campus, Building 500, rooms E1310, E1311, and E1312

Approved Computer Vendors for the SOM

The University of Colorado School of Medicine has made arrangements with the below computer vendors to provide pre-bundled laptops that meet the School of Medicine minimum specifications at an educational discount:

Apple:​ There is an Apple store on the Downtown campus that is available to you in-person and online. You will need to confirm your student status to take advantage of the education discounts.  

Microsoft/Dell: There is a Microsoft Store at Park Meadows Mall that is available to assist you with your in-store or online order of the SOM recommended Microsoft and Dell devices. Simply complete the CU Device Order Form and you will receive a custom quote for your device, that you can then use to complete your in-store or online purchase.

Other vendors

Backblaze: Cloud backup for your personal device​