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Phases I and II Evaluation Requirements

Evaluation Office Orientation Presentation​ to CO 2017

Evaluation Office Orientation Presentation to CO 2016


Why are evaluations required?
Your feedback to faculty who lecture in a course or facilitate a small group is essential. Your comments help faculty improve their teaching as well as maintain effective teaching. Faculty must teach to be promoted, and their evaluations are considered by their Chair in annual reviews. Most faculty enjoy teaching students, and for them your feedback is its own reward! Please use this opportunity to recognize their effort and improve medical education here.

What am I required to evaluate?
All students are required to complete evaluation surveys of blocks, lecturers, small group facilitators, and sessions in PBL, MSA, Tracks and Foundations. 

At any given time, classes are randomized into two groups​​: One group will complete evaluations for the Essentials Core blocks​ (Human Body, Nervous System Block, etc.) and the other group will evaluate the Longitudinal Core Curriculum​​ (Foundations of Doctoring, Threads, MSA).

If you are evaluating an Essential Core block, you must complete:

  • The block/course evaluation
  • 70% of the lecturer evaluations
  • All of the small group facilitator evaluations.

If you are evaluating Longitudinal Core Curriculum​, you must complete:

  • The session/course evaluation
  • All of the lecturer evaluations
  • All of the small group facilitator evaluations.

Based on your initial assignment​, you will know for the entire year what parts of the curriculum you will be evaluating. Your login information is emailed to you.

In addition to your assigned curricular areas, all students will be responsible for evaluating:

  • PBL sessions and facilitators at the end of Phase I and II
  • Clinical Psychiatry small groups at the end of CVPR & DEMS
  • Other questionnaires as required (e.g., End of Phase surveys).

Randomly selected students may be required to participate in focus groups.  Selected students will be notified in advance.

I have so many evaluations. How can I manage them?

When you open up your home page in New Innovations, it may be a shock to see the number of evaluations assigned to you. 

Remember it is likely you do not have to complete all of those listed!  If you are evaluating an Essential Core block, you will do 70% of lecturers.  And, you will be "NETing" out of facilitators that you did not work with.

Click here to see a quick way to organize your evaluations so you'll know which evaluations to complete.

Do I have to "NET" out of all the facilitators I haven't worked with?
In the case of small group facilitators, you will need to "NET" out for any facilitator you did not work with.  You can do this by clicking the "NET" box next to the facilitator's name.  You can select multiple facilitators at one time.

In the case of lecturers, you only need to select those you are assigned to evaluate (e.g., 70% in an Essential Core block and ALL your lecturers in any assigned Longitudinal Curriculum session).

When can I start evaluating? 
Usually evaluations open at the beginning of a block.  You will be notified by email when evaluation surveys are open and when focus groups are scheduled.

Because evaluations open at the beginning of a block, students can jot down their thoughts about an event in “real time” rather than waiting until the end of the block.  Students can continue to write to their evaluation using the “Save as Draft" function until they are ready to submit as final.  

When do all my evaluations need to be completed?
Evaluations close 10 business (school) days following the end of a block.

Remember, "Save as Draft" is NOT the same as "Submit."  To fulfill your evaluation requirement, you need to “submit” each evaluation.  At present, there is no automatic submit process. 

How will I know whether I have fulfilled my evaluation obligation?
In most cases, you need to complete ALL your assigned evaluations.  So if you have an evaluation for a block or session, a small group facilitator or a lecturer in some part of the Longitudinal Core Curriculum, you will need to complete that evaluation to fulfill your obligation.

There is one EXCEPTION.  If you are assigned to evaluate lecturers during an essential core block (e.g., HB, M2M, BL, DD, CVPR, NS, DEMS, ID, LC) then you only need to complete 70% of the evaluations assigned to you.  To help you track this, the Evaluation Office will do the following:

One week prior to close of the block, you will receive an email with your number of completed and remaining evaluations.

One week prior to close of evaluations, you will receive an email with your number of remaining evaluation IF you have not yet fulfilled your evaluation obligation.

In addition to keeping your own record, you have the option of going into New Innovations system to see how you're doing.  Click here to see how.

What happens if I don’t meet my evaluation requirement?
Students who fail to complete assigned evaluations in the allotted time will be reported to the Assistant Dean, Essentials Core, with the following process: 

  • First Time:  Meet with the Assistant Dean and discuss the importance of student feedback and student responsibility to participate in evaluation as an aspect of professionalism.  The Dean will reiterate the course evaluation policy and the consequence for failing to meet this professionalism requirement.
  • Second Time:  Meet with the Assistant Dean, who will file a Professionalism Feedback Form in your academic file and discuss ways to meet the evaluation requirement.  
  • Third Time:  Meet with the Assistant Dean, who will file a second Professionalism Feedback Form.  As per the Professionalism Committee Process, the Committee will review the repeated instance of unprofessional behavior and recommend next steps.​