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How do I access my teaching evaluations

The following description applies only to teaching of required courses.  If you taught an elective course, see the answer posted below.

Faculty Evaluations in Phase I and Phase II

Faculty teaching evaluations are sent after the completion of the block. While we make every attempt to provide these to faculty in a timely way, the process is multi-staged;

  • Evaluations close 10 business days following the end of a course.
  • Data must be cleaned, compiled, and formatted into individual teaching evaluation reports (up to 10 days).
  • Individual faculty teaching reports are then sent to the Block Director(s) for review, and approval to release (2 to 5 days).
  • Once approved, the Evaluation Office individually emails teaching reports to each faculty member (2 to 5 days).

Given this process, it may take from 4 to 6 weeks from the end of a course before you will receive your finalized teaching report.


Faculty Evaluations in Phase III and Phase IV

Faculty teaching evaluations during Phase III and Phase IV are distributed every calendar year, usually in February.

The Evaluation Office will look across all the courses in Phase III and Phase IV (sub-Is only) to identify all student evaluations of your teaching over the most recent calendar year (January to December).  

In order to enhance the anonymity of the student, faculty and residents must have received at least evaluations (during Phase III and Phase IV) in order to receive a teaching report in that year.

When a faculty or resident does not receive a teaching report, the 2 or fewer evaluations are held by the Evaluation Office until the following year. At that time, those evaluations will be combined with evaluations in the next calendar year and a multi-year report will be generated. 

Occasionally, a faculty member requires evidence of teaching outside of these given distribution points (e.g., promotion). When this occurs, the Evaluation Office can generate a special report acknowledging the teaching contribution and the number of students evaluating the educator.


Why doesn’t the reporting period follow the academic year for these Phases?

Previously teaching evaluation reports were aligned with the academic year (Phase III – April to March, Phase IV – April to May), and were not distributed until the summer.  In order to highlight the importance of teaching in annual reviews and promotion, the distribution of teaching evaluation reports has been shifted to match the calendar year.

What if I taught an “elective” rather than in a “required” part of the curriculum?

The primary responsibility of the Evaluation Office is the evaluation of required curriculum.  Occasionally, our office assists the directors of an elective course in the posting of evaluations.  Sometimes these evaluations will be put up online via CoursEval​.  If you student who needs to complete an evaluation in this course or a faculty needing to access your evaluation, please contact your respect course director or course coordinator.

I know I taught, but I don’t have a teaching report.  How can I find out if I have one?

Faculty will receive a teaching report during the Spring semester (usually February) if they have received at least 3 evaluations of their teaching during Phase III and Phase IV.  If you do not have a report, but believe that you should have one, please contact us.  Please provide:

  • Your name,
  • The name of the course(s) and/or session topic, and
  • The approximate date or time period of your teaching.

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