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Curriculum Resources

Facult​y Resou​rces​​

The UME Curriculum Office promotes continuity in our curriculum design and delivery, with the goal to ensure the best possible learning experience for the medical students. Following are a few resources to help faculty design and deliver their curricula. 
Curricul​​​um Mapping:
  • Curriculum Change Request Form​

    The UME program is designed to function as an integrated curriculum, across and within phases and courses/blocks. Changes in one part of the curriculum may affect the overall program’s ability to fulfill a stated program competency. A shared and coordinated decision-making process is required to manage the curriculum so that the overall program objectives/competencies can be met by UME, while preserving the independence of teaching faculty and course/block directors to develop/ modify content.  ​

    The UME Curriculum Deans are responsible for reviewing “substantial and significant” content changes for impact on the integrated curriculum. Once a curriculum change request has been reviewed by the Curriculum Deans, the appropriate curriculum subcommittee or governance committee will then review/ approve the requested curriculum change.​

    To facilitate this process, please use the above online Curriculum Change Request Form to request “substantial and significant” changes to the curriculum content. If you have any questions about whether your curriculum change is “substantial and significant,” please contact Dr. Michele Doucette, Assistant Dean of Integrated Curriculum for guidance.